5 Centimeters Per Second Ending Anime Explanation

5 Centimeters Per Second Anime

Anime fans, especially Makoto Shinkai anime fans, know anime with 5 Centimeters Per Second ending (Byousoku 5 Centimeters). This anime is highly recommended for sad romance anime lovers. Because there is an NTR element in this story.

It has an exciting aspect of the story and is a bit confusing if you don’t watch it. Besides that, this anime also presents graphics that spoil the eyes like the other Makoto Shinkai Movies.

However, some of you must be confused with the ending given in this anime. So you have to watch it over and over again to understand it. But if you are still confused even though you have watched it repeatedly.

We will give you an explanation of the end of this anime story.


5 centimeters per second ending explanation
5 Centimeters Per Second

5 centimeters per second ending gives the story divided into three parts. The first is “Oukasho,” which tells about the relationship between Toono Takaki and Akari Shinohara.

They both started to make friends when they met in the same class at elementary school. Those who often visit the library together rather than go out to play with other friends. Their relationship is getting closer as time goes on.

But the distance between them is also increasingly away. Because they realized that they would not be able to meet again, they decided to meet one last time. In their meeting, there were few obstacles experienced by Takaki.

The train that boarded experienced problems and the letter given to Akari was also lost in the wind. Even though they got blocks, they finally met to get rid of their longing.

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5 centimeters per second ending explanation
5 Centimeters Per Second Ending

Continue to the second 5 centimeters per second ending section entitled “Cosmonauts,” saying that after Takaki and Akari separated. Takaki lives typically as a School Student.

At school, there is a girl named Kanae Sumida. She has liked Takaki since high school. Even she is willing to go to the same high school as Takaki just because she wants to continue with him.

However, Sumida did not dare to express feelings to Takaki until they entered high school due to a lack of confidence. She often peeked at Takaki in the parking lot so that she could go home with him.

Sumida felt confused by Takaki because she often wrote short messages on her phone. Sumida did not know who the message was sent to, and she did not realize Takaki had a girlfriend or not.

In the afternoon, when they walked together. Sumida finally realized that Takaki had never paid attention to it, and he didn’t come to say his feelings.

There was no room for him in Takaki’s heart because his love for Akari already fulfilled his heart. The “Cosmonaut” section is finished.

Byousoku 5 Centimeters

Next, the third part of the story is “Byousoku 5 Centimeter”. Entering the story after Takaki and Sumida separated. Takaki worked as a programmer, and he had dated a girl named Mizuno.

However, finally, they decided not to date again. Mizuno realized that Takaki didn’t like her because he still loved Akari.

Thousands of their messages have been conveyed. But their hearts are not close to one another because he longed for Akari. Takaki could not concentrate on work. He finally decided to quit his job even though he realized that he could not meet Akari once more.

On the other hand, Akari turned out to be engaged, and soon she would marry someone. It was shown on the ring in Akari’s hand.

Akari and Takaki briefly remember the past since they met in the winter. The One More Time song, One More Chance, played, and as long as the song played, it shows the lives of Akari and Takaki.

In the end, Takaki calmed his mind with a walk to where he and Akari were friends when they were still in elementary school. Akari also happened to appear at the place they passed.

But when they looked back, the train passed, and after that, Akari had disappeared. Takaki, who realized this, only smiled and continued his journey. Finished.

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Conclusion 5 Centimeters Per Second Ending

Maybe you need to know that Makoto Shinkai’s Anime is usually the end of the story, getting a sad ending. Still, there are also anime made by Makoto Shinkai who get happy endings like Kimi no Nawa.

Maybe you need to know that there is a fact found in the anime Kimi no Nawa, one of which is the age difference. Many say that their age is the same, but some say that Taki is older than Mitsuha or vice versa.

Maybe this is the only thing I can say. If you still feel confused about the 5 centimeters per second ending explanation given. You can ask through the comments column available.

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