13 Anime Girl With Wings Like Blissful Angels

anime girl with wings

Anime girl with wings is the dream of every anime fan. Here are various anime girls with black wings and different pickings in anime backgrounds. But generally, you can find a few depending on your personality and interest. They have become popular like never before.

1. Koakuma

Koakuma - anime girl with horns and wings
Koakuma: Touhou Project

Anime: Touhou Project

Koakuma, a small devil girl with horns and wings, is East Project 6th ” Eastern Benimasato to appear as in the four-sided boss and the black hairstyle of the evil.

She is part of the mob and is a pixel artist in the game, and his real name is unknown, and neither is the size of his image. However, users and the painter attracted the attention of secondary creations being shaped by.

2. Muse ( butterfly Wings Girl )

Muse - anime girl with butterfly wings
Muse: Amagi Brilliant Park

Anime: Amagi Brilliant Park

Muse anime girl with butterfly wings is an employee of Amusement park “Amagi Brilliant Park” located in Amagi City. She is a water spirit is with butterfly wings.

The water fairy is the head of Elementario. The muse is an active and joyful person who is often seen smiling.

Despite her lack of popularity, Elementario continues to work hard. Of all four fairies, she has the most powerful voice.

3. Nanael

Nanael - anime girl with angel wings
Nanael: Queen’s Blade

Anime: Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

An incredible anime girl with wings. In the beginning, she was tasked with broadcasting the battles. Later in the course of events, she started traveling along with Reina.

Eventually, she was an official part of the Queen’s Blade.

4. Ikaros

Ikaros - anime girl with wings
Ikaros: Heaven’s Lost Property

Anime: Heaven’s Lost Property

One day an unidentified creature anime girl with wings dropped from the sky in front of the main protagonist Tomoki Sakurai. After imprinting Tomoki as master, She is now living with Tomoki.

In the beginning, he described himself as an angeloid meant for pets. It isn’t natural to believe that it’s intended for pets in terms of purpose and specs and reality.

It’s an angeloid designed to be a synapse weapon and has a formidable fighting capability. She’s not very adept at expressing emotion and is a calm and quiet personality.

Additionally, she attempts to be a faithful participant in the transformation process known as Tomoki’s command. However, it frequently leads to trouble due to the fact that it has a natural blur.

The wings that cover the back are movable and can be reduced into a smaller size, concealed in an outer jacket. But, since they absorb moisture and turn heavy, they cannot swim in the water and walk in the water.

5. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory - anime demon girl with wings
Rias Gremory: High School DXD

Anime: High School DXD

Rias is a leading female character in high school DXD anime girl with bat wings. Her lineage derived from the noblest and most ancient family of demons. This family is known as the purebred demons from the Gremory clan.

A demon anime girl of high rank who is known as a genius and nicknamed Riasmed Princess of the Crimson Ruins. The Riasbrother is the Lord in hell called Lucifer.

Gremory has a destructive power that reanimates Issei in her role as her servant. When Rias discovers Issei killed by an angel that has fallen, she possesses a unique sacred mechanism.

Gremory is gentle and kind to her family members. But she changes into a different person when she is training or fighting.

She begins to develop romantic feelings towards Issei. She admits to him that she is in love with her, and Rias responds in kind. In the following days, they meet for the first time.

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6. Jibril

Jibril - anime girl with wings
Jibril: No Game No Life

Anime: No Game No Life

The most powerful representation for the winged race at one time was acquiring the library that was the primary one from the King of the human race. This caught the interest of Sora, who was searching for information on other kingdoms.

So, Jibreel lost herself to Sora and became Sora’s subordinate. As the story unfolds, she is enthralled by Sora, and like Stephanie. She is content to be Sora’s subordinate. This is the final unit designed by Artos.

The creator laid out the concept of “Imperfection” – something that Artosh was unable to comprehend. He believed that Jibril would find the answer to the question all winged beings wanted to know upon passing away.

Jibril keeps a diary in which she writes down all the accomplishments and achievements of Sora and Shiro to display them to the other winged ones on Avant Heim.

7. Astraea ( Anime Girl With Angel Wings )

Astraea - anime girl with bird wings
Astraea: Heaven’s Lost Property

Anime: Heaven’s Lost Property

Tomoki Sakurai a girl with bird wings is an old friend from junior high school. She attends at the prefectural level Sorami Junior High School as the principal, Tomoki Sakurai.

It is a very healthy and well-groomed teen. It has been a victim of the sexual harassment of Tomoki many times. It’s a supposedly violent heroine with sharp chops. And shoots a chop each when he wakes an exhausted Tomoki or punishes sexual harassment. She is a terrible cook.

Cooking and feeding Tomoki and his comrades several times, he brings them to the edge of death.

8. Suigintou

Suigintou - anime girl with black wings
Suigintou: Rozen Maiden

Anime: Rozen Maiden

Suigintou is the first and strongest of the dolls from the Rozen Maiden anime girl with black wings. She is most important to the Alice game between sisters.

She is the soul sister who wears the Gothic Lolita gown and black boots on her feet. In the beginning, she was using mediums. Subsequently, Megu was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Megu is Suiginto’s medium, thinking of her as to be his angel of death. Megu believes that she can assure that Suiginto can take away her strength through her death and relieve the burden from her parents.

To accomplish his dream to be Alice and see the father, she doesn’t despise any method. Suiginto’s black wings act as her tool and her defence.

9. Kanade Tachibana

kanade tachibana - anime girl with angel wings
kanade tachibana: Angel Beats

Anime: Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana anime girl with wings. Yuri belief that Kanade can be God’s representative. She thinks Kanade is an angel. That is a god-serving person and oversees the afterlife school for the deity.

However, Kanade is not an angel and she is the head of the Student Council. Whose role is to oversee all aspects of life after death. Tenshi is Yuri’s biggest adversary. They are in conflict throughout the entire anime.

Otonashi always has a nebulous sensation of connection to her. That he’s not in a position to comprehend fully. Yet it’s evident after the series.

The moment when Otonashi learns the real story behind Kanade is among the most bizarre revelations. You’ll never encounter the history of anime.

10. Albedo ( Anime Girl With Horns And Wings )

Albedo - anime girl with horns and wings
Albedo: Overlord

Anime: Overlord

In the overlord base, Nazarik Underground NPCs created as players to defend the hierarchy. This hierarchy is referred to as guardians.

Albedo anime girl with wings is in charge of guardian oversight, which oversees the guardians on every level. Albedo was one of three sisters made by Tabula Smaragdina in the Yggdrasil time. She featured numerous settings written by Tabla’s passions.

Albedo is a devil, not a human. Sporting golden eyes slit pupils with vertical hair, goat-like horns sticking out of the top of his head. She has jet-black angel wings that hang out of his waist.

Albedo appears to have lengthy black locks, white-coloured skin, and a white, pure dress. While it’s beautiful, it is also sporting the appearance of horns on its head, And wings of black at its waist, signalling that it’s not a human.

11. Malga Naruze

Malga Naruze - anime girl with black wings
Malga Naruze: Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon

Anime: Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon

Malga is a black-haired and 6-winged white magician. Also a member of Manga Club. Her personality is quite unruly, yet she always places Margot over all other things.

In comparison to Margot’s bubbly personality. Malga is much calmer and has a more gentle side of the two characters.

But, it is essential not to forget that she’s knowledgeable about writing doujinshi. Which means she’s pretty aware of sex. However, she’s not comfortable talking about it in public with anybody.

This anime girl with wings lost the ability to change into “Zwei Frauen” in season during the battle against the God of War. In season 2, she has a problem issue, which prevents her from joining forces with Margot no longer. She was caused by losing her weapons and two defeats against the English Trumps.

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12. Eustia Astraea

Eustia Astraea - anime girl with wings
Eustia Astraea: Aiyoku no Eustia

Anime: Aiyoku no Eustia

Estia Astrea plays the lead protagonist, one of the girls with angel wings selected by Kaim. A child orphan, she was born as a slave to wealthy parents after her sale to Golden Chain as a prostitute. She has wings that, however, are distinct from the wings that other victims have.

13. Kurumu Kurono ( Anime Girl Eith Bat Wings )

Kurumu Kurono - anime girl with bat wings
Kurumu Kurono: Rosario To Vampire

Anime: Rosario To Vampire

Kurumu is the most beautiful anime girl with bat wings and curvy figures. A succubus has the ability to attract men with her appearance in its most authentic form. It can fly and then release claws with its hands, slicing through nearly everything.

In the love of Tsukune, She attempts to impress him by her looks. However, she is never successful—poor grades in math. Incessantly pokes Yukari and calls the actress “plank” due to her inability to hold her chest.

However, in the second season, it demonstrated numerous times that they’d become friends. She is enmity with Mizore Shirayuki, who constantly fights with her due to Tsukune. Tsukune, about whom the latter is highly concerned, however, in the anime. They become incredibly close.

As evident with the “Black and White Duet” and a kiss following the rescue of Mizore within the town of Yuki-Onn. In the anime, towards the conclusion of two seasons, even though she is constantly trying to remove Tsukune from Moki. She assists in bringing him to his father to purchase her an amulet.

It is in the comic that Tsukune Moke’s confessions are challenging to take in. She explains it herself by the reality that the succubus believes that there is nothing more painful than an unfaithful heart.

When Tsukune transforms into the form of a ghoul completely, she stops by an embrace. She can create a fantastic illusion with the help of which. She was able to defend herself against Akua’s attack, and her fantasy cut her.


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