Best 15 Exciting Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Anime like Assassination Classroom or Ansatsu Kyouhitsu is one of the best anime of the 2015 Winter season. Usually, murder is a very nasty and cruel act. There are many anime like Assassination Classroom.

Those that commit homicide should put together themselves and put together a mature plan. Perform a surprise attack which is an attack to raise the level of success in the killing.

The anime Assassination Classroom Students from Class 3-E Junior. Governments commissioned Kunugigaoka to kill the octopus creatures that will soon destroy the earth. But before he will teach and become a teacher by the students of grade 3-E.

For that, the disciples have many opportunities to kill the octopus. They taught killing techniques, physical exercises. And some military training so they could complete their mission.

On the other hand, the octopus named Koro-Sensei plays his role as a teacher and targets well.

Top anime like  Assassination Classroom or Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.


15. Overlord

Overlord - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Yggdrasil is an online virtual reality-based game that will be disabled and closed. Momonga, the player who likes the game, does not want to log out and prefers to keep logging in because he still wants to enjoy it much longer.

But surprisingly, Momonga could not get out of the game. Momonga is compelled to survive with a skull-shaped avatar (Skeleton Lich) who has the power of being the strongest magician.

Weirdness occurs not solely to him who’s trapped within the game. But the NPCs in the game who previously behaved based on the program. Now they have their own emotions and minds as human beings live. Momonga’s survival story begins with her starting to defend her guild from the royal soldiers.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural

Overlord The Same animation Assassination Classroom


14. Darker than Black

Darker than Black - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

10 years ago, a strange phenomenon appeared in Japan, where the phenomenon was later called Hell’s Gate. The same phenomenon also appeared in America. But somewhat different from what happened in Japan. The phenomenon in America is known as Heaven’s Gate.

Stars and Heavens are changing unnaturally and causing havoc. The looks of those two gates make individuals achieve supernatural power and skill known as Contractors. The Contractors identified by their star’s catalog of messier catalogs. In secret from society, the contractors are called cold-blooded killers.

In Japan, around Hell’s Gate is located. Head Misaki Kirihara finds himself at odds with the famous Contractor with the codename Hey, “Black Reaper.” In the underworld, Hey performs several tasks, including a homicide mission. Gradually he found something that threatened the existence of the contractors.

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Super Power

Darker than Black Related Ansatsu Kyoushitsu


13. Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria)

Aria the Scarlet Ammo

To overcome the high crime rate, Japan created an academy named Tokyo Butei School. Students at the Elite Academy are named “Butei.” They allowed using weapons to hone skills to fight crime. And they are ready to become mercenaries like an agent that upholds justice.

One of Butei is Kinji Tooyama, a man who has an anti-social and rigid nature. After entering Tokyo Butei School from the Combat-Centric Assault division. Kinji decided to quit school. And now he lives a recreational life to study logistics to close his embarrassing power.

But Kinji’s calm life began to crumble after being targeted by a famous killer named “Butei Killer.” Nearly Sinji’s Life threatened a girl named Aria Holmes. Kanzaki saved Kinji from the threat of Butei Killer.

He is a Butei student who has the ability level S Rank. After the meeting between Aria, Kinji became Partner Aria, and Kinji’s life began to change.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, School

Anime About Kids Attending a School For Assassins Hidan no Aria


12. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

A teacher named Nozomu Itoshiki, a man who always has a sense of pessimism and despair even in small things. And only small problems that he alamai. Nozomu immediately to suicide as a solution to the problem.

One day when Nozomu wanted to end his life by hanging himself. However, a student Kafuuka Fuura noticed it and tried to save Nozomu. Their meeting was the beginning of Nozomu’s life as a teacher.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a comedic story about Nozomu, who interacts with his disciples who have more problems than him. Kiro Komori, a hermit and a hikikomori who did not want to leave school.

Abiru Kobushi, a puzzling student who came to school with a mysterious wound. Kafuuka Fuura, a student who has high optimism and is the opposite of Nozomu.

Genres: Comedy, Parody, School, Shounen

Deadly Teacher Class Japanime Same Ansatsu Kyoushitsu


11. Ultimate Otaku Teacher (Denpa Kyoushi)

Ultimate Otaku Teacher - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Junichirou Kagami is a scientist who is a genius about physics. But he is an otaku. Who wants to spend his time reading manga or watching anime instead of working in a reputable job that requires physicists.

He rejects all the work and wants to do the work he likes. Junichirou’s younger sister Suzune Kagami was very upset with the behavior of her brother, who became a NEET. She scolded Junichirou and told him to do a job.

Junichirou also became a teacher at a school. But in some time, he fired from his job because he brought the nature of his brain into his work. After a principal named Koyomi Hiragi offered Junichirou to become a teacher.

Eventually, he placed as a private tutor at Ichou Academy. He still preferred to be a teacher even though he offered a job as a researcher by his theme. Junichirou began to educate his students by teaching them the value of life and motivating them to become a favorite teacher. Otaku Teacher anime like Assassination Classroom is funny to watch.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

Anime Like Assassination Classroom Ultimate Otaku Teacher Preview

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10. Soul Eater

Soul Eater - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Death City, the city where a school called a school of weapons of a shinigami weapon, or so-called DWMA, formed. There is a person called a meister who is a controller of a demonic weapon with a human partner who can turn into a weapon.

The main character Albarn So got a partner named Soul Eater Evans, who can turn into a big crescent weapon. A two Devil weapon controller (Meister) also experienced the same thing,

Black Star gets a companion who turns right into a weapon that’s Nakatsukasa Tsubaki. He can turn into various kinds of ninja weapons such as shuriken, kusarigama, and others. Death, The Kid, can be Duo Thompson’s partner Patricia and Elizabeth, who can turn into a gun.

Meisters who already have partners must train their weapons by feeding 99 evil souls and one wizard’s soul by defeating them. The more souls ate, the strength of their weapons will increase. But if it fails, they must repeat to gather souls again.

The Witch’s Soul is a creature of great strength and is the most difficult enemy to overcome. They are the enemy of the DWMA, and most of them are evil. Can Evans and his mates have the ability to fulfill the DWMA task?

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen

Anime School Killing Soul Eater Preview


9. My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Anime

A world where a unique Power arises from within man. “Quirks” is the name for the power. A person’s ability where they gain unique powers such as manipulating elements.

Izuku Midoriya is a very optimistic schoolboy and eager to be a hero like her favorite hero, All Might. But he has a less fortunate fate. He has no Quirks, even from parents who have Quirks. Once upon a time, All Might, the favorite legendary Hero on the statue, meets with Midoriya. And He wants to say that he selected Midoriya as his successor.

For many months Midoriya practiced classes, although he did not have Quirks. Midoriya never gave up and tried to move on. After training, Midoriya enrolls and joins the Yuei School (UA) to become a hero.

With All Might’s help, Midoriya’s struggle as a Yuei pupil and the competition between students to become heroes begins. Like Assassination Classroom Izuku Midoriya wants to surpass his Sensei, All Might.

Genres: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power

My Hero Academia Preview


8. Kill la Kill – Anime Like assassination classroom

Kill la Kill Anime

After Ryuuko’s father had been killed. Ryuuko Matoi decided to go on an adventure to find his father’s killer from one place to another. She went to a school called Honnoji Academy and decided to become a student there. As a new student, Ryuuko is sitting near Mako Mankanshoku, a girl who is always cheerful.

Shee told Ryuuko that this school chaired by a student organization chairman named Satsuki Kiryuin. Ryuuko decides to challenge. She fights Satsuki with his blade scissor, a clue to finding his father’s killer, by looking for the other half again.

When Ryuuko attacks, she stopped by a boxing chairman named Fukuroda Takaharu. For Fukuroda, Ryuuko is nothing. Knowing that his law is so powerful, Ryuuko decides to step down temporarily and go to his burning house. Upon arriving at his house, Ryuko falls into his father’s laboratory and causes Ryuka to be injured until it bleeds.

Ryuuko’s blood is about a dress, and suddenly, the clothes come alive. The outfit is Ultima Uniform, a uniform that has superpowers for its owner. He is named Senketsu, and he wants Ryuukou to wear him by force.

Fukuroda wants to fight deadly teacher class animeth Ryuuko again by way of kidnapping Mako as a fishing rod. After retreating from Ryuuko fight back with his new power. The power of Senketsu makes Ryuuko manage to defeat Fukurado easily and save Mako. Anime like Assassination Classroom Kill la Kill is comedy ecchi anime.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Super Power, Ecchi, School

School Killing Anime Kill La Kill Preview


7. Neuro: Supernatural Detective (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Katsuragi Yako, A student who recognized as a Detective at school. Despite her young age, Yako has solved many cases. However, there are some cases that she can not solve that enable the perpetrator to escape justice.

Behind the wall of her detective agency lies a secret skill that makes it possible to solve a case. A case solved by his assistant Neuro Nougami.

Calling Neuro a normal person is a mistake. He is a Devil who came to the human world as a mainstay to solve the mystery. Neuro has solved many cases in the demon world.

With Yako as his deputy, he eats the negative energy released by criminals who commit crimes. He has a promise to Yako to solve the murder case that happened to his father.

But to solve a case, Neuro must shy away from the public and avoid attracting attention. Neuro assigns Yako as a detective. Thus, how can Yako become a detective by playing his role?

Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Demons, Supernatural, Shounen

Animes My Professor Alien-Like Assassination Classroom Preview


6. Squid Girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

An evil monster comes to the surface from deep underwater, intending to take over the land. Ika Musume, a squid creature, came to the surface because he wanted to dominate the land. He wanted to take revenge on the humans because they always pollute and pollute their dwellings.

With his tentacles and saliva in ink, he might attack the land without trouble. He meets with Aizawa families who work at a seafood restaurant by the beach.

Ika Musume has the opportunity to know and learn about the human world.  They always do silly things while in the restaurant and meet strange people. Ika Musume never forgets the purpose of coming to the mainland to master the surface.

Is Ika Musume able to avenge him to the humans who have treated him at will? Or will he enjoy his work with strange people just letting them go?

Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Preview

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5. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

In the Alzano Empire, home to one of the world’s most famous magic schools, the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. An ambitious disciple and always doing magic exercises to make him a great wizard. He is Sistine Fibel, and also his best friend, Rumia Tingel. They enter the academy to undergo Witchcraft training.

But unfortunately, his favorite teacher retired. He replaced by a male teacher named Glenn Radar. He is a very poor teacher, has a lazy nature, and looks not suitable to use as a teacher at the academy.

Sistine is upset and disgusted by the behavior. Glenn finally decided to challenge Glenn with a fight. As a result, Glenn lost a landslide with ease because the difference in the power of magic is very far away.

But, the evil forces hidden within the empire have been active. Glenn, Sistine, and Rumia find themselves caught by criminals. How does Glenn protect his students from terrorist attacks? Anime like Assassination Classroom, Koro-Sensei’s Glenn is an influential teacher; no one can beat him.

Genres: Action, Magic, Fantasy, School

Assassination Classroom Similar Animes Preview


4. Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa the animation - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

The High School Academy of Hope is an elite school where students are made up of talented people. Makoto Naegi is a prospective student who gets an invitation to enter the peak academy school of hope.

Naegi imagines that the school is fun, but in fact, upside down from what he imagined. Upon entering the gym to attend a new admissions ceremony.

Naegi met with her junior friend Sayaka Maizono. They talked for a while, and after that came a student named Togami Byakuya who wanted to investigate what happened.

The atmosphere began to tense up. They realized that their phones were not there and the presence of a doll-like bear that said they would stay here forever. And if they wanted to leave the place would have to kill someone unnoticed. It is like Danganronpa assassination classroom animation,

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Psychological, School

Danganronpa similar assassination classroom Preview


3. Angel Beats

Angel Beats Anime

Yuzuru Otonashi is a teenager who suddenly wakes up in a schoolyard. He can not remember what happened to him. Yuzuru only knew his name. He meets a beautiful girl named Nakamura Yuri.

He says that Otonashi has died and is in the world after death, which is the world for the place of human beings who have remorse over their death. The world exists with a goal for people who want to achieve their unfulfilled desires while still alive.

Yuri is chairman of the organization called Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS). Organizations formed to resist the will of God. Yuri is fighting a girl who is an angel Kanade Tachibana.

He told Otonashi to stay away from the angel. Otonashi hesitated with Yuri’s words and approached Kanade to explain what happened to him and whether he was dead.

Instead of answers obtained, Otonashi even gets a prick from Kanade. He was unconscious. After the incident, Otonashi wakes up in a nursing home at school. He confused about why he did not die, and because of the incident, Otonashi believes that he is indeed dead. He decides to join Yuri and goes to the SSS Organization to fight the Angels and oppose the gods. Anime like Assassination Classroom, Angel Beats is about a school where focus only on students.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural

Highschool Assassin Anime Angel Beats Preview


2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka Eikichi is a chairman of a motorcycle gang who has no purpose in life. He desires to become a high school teacher so that he can meet sexy high school girls and fulfill his goals to improve himself.

After successfully becoming a teacher. On the day of Onizuka’s teaching. His attitude is different from the teachers usually. He treats his students hard as he treats his comrades when he is in a motorcycle gang. Moreover, he does not care about manners and often ignores anything.

Many hate him, but the longer they realize that Onizuka is a good teacher. By his nature, he was able to solve the problems experienced by his students.

The Onizuka method will not found anywhere because Onizuka is a teacher who cares for his students. He cares about which legal difference is illegal. It is anime like Assassination Classroom deadly teacher class anime like Koro-Sensei’s teacher.

Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, School, Shounen

Deadly Teacher Class Anime


1. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Akihisa Yoshii, a boy who has the nickname “idiot” for scoring 0 in taking the test at Fumizuki Academy. Besides Akihisa, Himeji Mizuki, the pink-haired girl, also experienced the same thing.

But Himeji determines the value 0 because he is sick with a fever that leads to fainting during the test. During class division. High-Value Students will place in Class A with very complete and comfortable facilities. Such as AC, laptop, refrigerator and so on.

The stupid Akihisa, definitely getting the F class. There are only tables, dirty slates, floor seats, and other bad facilities in the worst class. In class, Akihisa met with people who have a variety of strange properties, are Yuji Sakamoto, Chairman of class F,

Hideyoshi Kinoshita, the man who has her sex because her like a woman. She has a twin, yaiyu Yuko Kinoshita, who is the vice-chairman of Class A. Minami Shimada, a student from Germany who has Math skills equal to Class B but unable to read Japanese letters,

Kouta Tsuchiya, a passionate student who likes to photograph women’s panties and sell them to other students who want them. And Mizuki Himeji, a girl who is smart and should be in Class A but fails because of a fever. Anime like Assassination Classroom Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is about school romance.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Super Power

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Identical Preview

Which one is anime like Assassination Classroom you liked to let us know?

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