Heroine Tarumono Anime Release Latest PV

Heroine Tarumono Anime

Last Thursday, the Heroine Tarumono anime revealed the latest PV: Kiraware Heroine To Naisho no Oshigoto anime staff via the official website. They also revealed the voice actors that will be appearing in this anime.

To Be a Real Heroine! Lay-duce produces the anime television series The Unpopular Girl & Secret Task. It was inspired by the HoneyWorks song of the same title.

A promotional Video Of Heroine Tarumono Anime

According to our information, this anime will premiere in April 2022. Idol LIPxLIP will also perform the opening song, Julietta.

Currently, Noriko Hashimoto is the director. Yoshimi Narita is writing and supervising the script. Kaori Ishii designs the characters and Lay-duce.

Synopsis of Heroine Tarumono AnimeHeroine Tarumono

Hiyori Suzumi moved to Tokyo Sakuragaoka High School to pursue her passion for track and field. Hiyori, while looking for part-time employment. He ends up being an intern manager for Yuujirou Someya and Aizu Shibasaki. Who are both members of the idol group LIPxLIP?

This anime focuses on Hiyori’s struggle with school and her extracurricular activities. It also shows how she manages it.

This is the most recent information regarding the Heroine Tarumono animation.

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