How Do I Farm Keys of Destruction Hate and Terror in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Greetings and welcome to our guide on how to farm the Keys of Destruction, Hate, and Terror in Diablo 2: Revival. Our discussion today will be on the Mini-Bosses who drop the keys, as well as the locations where you can find them. In Hell, all of the major bosses must be defeated buy Diablo 2 resurrected items were difficult for the keys to fall.

Because the keys themselves have a low drop rate, D2R items for sale is common to go multiple runs without finding a key. Because Magic Find does not increase the likelihood of keys dropping, Diablo 2 resurrected Runewords is an excellent farm for players of any class.


So, what exactly are the “Keys of Destruction,” “Keys of Hate,” and “Keys of Terror?”

The Keys of Destruction, Hate, and Terror are special drop items that are required for summoning the portals for Uber Tristram Runs. They can only be obtained through special drops. Each key corresponds to a portal that leads to a specific special mini-boss, who drops components necessary for opening the Tristram portal when activated.(For more information on Uber Tristram, please see our Uber Tristram Guide, which will be available soon.)

The Countess and the Key to the Kingdom of Terror

The Countess is the first to take the stage. She only drops the Key of Terror on Hell Difficulty, and she only drops it once.

To get to the Hell Countess, you must first travel to the Black Marsh in Act 1 and then search the entire zone for the Tower of Babel. Once you’ve entered the Tower, make your way down to level 5, where the Countess will be waiting for you to arrive.

If you don’t have the waypoint for the Black Marsh, you can make your way through the zones or use any of the waypoints in the following order to get there: 1. It goes Blood Moor>Cold Plains>Stony Field>Underground passage>Dark Woods>Black Marsh. Once you’ve tracked her down, kill her to increase your chances of obtaining a key.

The Summoner and the Key of Hate are two of the most important characters in the game

The Summoner is the next character to appear. He only drops the Key of Hate on Hell Difficulty, and only once per character.
In Act 2, the Summoner can be found inside the Arcane Sanctuary, which is where the story begins. You can travel from the Arcane Sanctuary to another location by using the waypoint area to do so. For those of you who do not have the Arcane Sanctuary WP, you will have to travel through the Palace Cellar> Arcane Sanctuary to get to your destination. Following his or her entrance into the Arcane Sanctuary, the Summoner can choose to follow one of four outgoing paths. Find him and kill him if you want a chance at getting the key.

And then there’s Nihlathak and the Key of Destruction

Nihlathak is the final character. He only drops the Key of Destruction on Hell Difficulty, and only once per character.

When you enter the Halls of Pain in Act 3, you can use the waypoint that leads to the Halls of Vaught to continue your journey into Hell Nihlathak. Once you’ve entered the halls, look for Nihlathak along with one of the four paths. If you don’t already have the Halls of Pain waypoint, you’ll have to rescue Anya first. After rescuing Anya, she will open a portal to Nihlathak’s Temple, which will allow her to enter.
Enter the Halls of Anguish after passing through Pindleskin, who will greet you upon entering. Follow the path that leads down from the Halls of Anguish into the Halls of Pain, making sure to note the waypoint in the Halls of Pain, and then into the Halls of Vaught, where you will find Nihlathak.

Once you’ve located him, kill him to increase your chances of obtaining a key. Nihlathak is one of the more difficult key bosses to defeat due to the fact that he can become immune to anything at any time during a fight with him.

He also has random minions in his room at different times, which can be difficult to deal with if you get the snakes. Aside from that, when you kill a mob in his room, he casts the corpse explosion spell, dealing massive damage, making an item like Nature’s Peace, which has the enemies remain slain perk on it, an excellent choice.

In D2R, this is how you farm the keys of Destruction, Hate, and Terror to your advantage.

Here comes the conclusion of our guide on how to farm the Keys of Destruction, Hate, and Terror in World of Warcraft. If you are interested in learning more about Uber Tristram and how to obtain the Hellfire Torch, please see our complete Uber Tristram Guide (which will be available soon).

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