Is the CCNA Certification Exam Difficult? How High Is the Pass Rate?

CCNA certification exam

Students often have questions like “Is the CCNA certification exam difficult” “How high is the pass rate” “Can I apply for CCNA certification if my English is not good”.

Most people who ask such questions are “beginners”; Most of them are college students. It seems that they do not have a comprehensive understanding of CCNA certification.

I once met a student. When he came to register, he said that he wanted to apply for CCNA certification 2 or 3 years ago. However, when he saw that the CCNA certification exam was an English exam on the Internet, he became afraid and gave up without even asking for detailed information. Then he idled away for 2 or 3 years. But he finally has to learn for CCNA certification due to life and work pressure. He regrets that a lot

Here are some details:

First, let’s learn about the types of CCNA certification exam questions: there are multiple-choice questions, connection questions, and simulation experiments. The exam is all in English (there was a Chinese CCNA exam in 2011 which was canceled later). Because obtaining CCNA certificate indicates that one has mastered professional skills, and the exam is in English, many people think that the exam should be quite difficult. But in fact, it is not. Most importantly, when Cisco promoted the Cisco certification system in China, exam question dumps appeared. The question dump is a collection of questions and answers from Cisco exams. When the question dump is stable, keep it in mind, and you can get full marks.

See? If you don’t understand, I’ll give you another analogy: the CCNA certification exam is just like the theoretical exam for a driving license. If you take the theoretical exam for a driving license, you will be given a book with 1000 questions. Once you’ve memorized the book, everything will be OK. The question dump is like the theoretical book of driving school. Although Cisco sometimes changes the exam questions, some people also summarize and release updated question dumps.

Another key factor is that the foreigners’ exams are very rigid (it may be intentional), unlike Chinese College Entrance Examination in which the examiners will try their best to set traps. When a foreigner sets a question, from its birth to its abandonment, it will not change a word, including the order of the options. Even if the exam is in English, and the questions and answers are available, can you still be baffled?

Why do we say that the current CCNA certificate is just a paper certificate, that is, a piece of paper without much credibility? Because more than 90% of people pass CCNA certification by memorizing the CCNA certification question dump. These people learn little about IT technology. You can pass if you take the 11-day CCNA intensive training course or the 8-day course or the 5-day course; Even if you don’t participate in the training, you can pass it (Cisco is so happy to get the money. He doesn’t care how you pass the exam). And you may be happy that CCNA certification exam is so easy to pass! But if you get the CCNA certificate without learning the required knowledge and skills, you still cannot find a good job. When you complain that CCNA certificate is useless, you should ask yourself: have I really reached the level of CCNA certificate?

Don’t take it as your goal to pass CCNA certification, especially if you are a college student and people who have just got a new job. Learn the technology well because it is important to lay a good foundation, which is related to your future development.

What we care about is to let everyone learn to mater real technology.

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