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I’ve seen a lot of Japanese schools in anime over the past few years. I’ve gained a lot for its entertainment value, but I’ve also been able to learn a lot about Japanese culture and daily life through the different series I’ve seen.

Of most particular interest to me is the way their school system functions, so I decided to make a feature article on what I learned about it through anime.

You can read this article for one of two reasons… or maybe both, your choice:

  1.  To learn more about the Japanese school system and expand your worldly knowledge
  2.  To see the collection of nearly 750 schoolgirls I assembled to use as reference points. Either way, you’re getting something out of it.

This article is long. I had to break it up into two sections since I went over the size limit that our server would support for a single item. Part 1 is 8 pages. Page 2 is 6 pages, but it includes all the references for the images, so if you see something you like, there’s a chart on the very last page to tell you from which anime it came.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1 Japanese School In Anime

Looking at the Japanese School System through Anime: Introduction

Twelve long years of gazing out the window.

School In Anime
A tradition and a social mechanism that has existed for
School In Anime
The distinctive ambiance that can only be found in the hallways
of one place.
School In Anime

Each year, a new cohort passes through the machine.

School In Anime 216 –
The creation of stress and elation come hand in hand.
School In Anime

New friends are made as bonds are intertwined.

School In Anime

And together, we all move forward.

Anime has numerous categorizations of different genres within the medium itself. Mecha, fantasy, action, drama, comedy… ever since the 1960s, Japanese animation has been developing and expressing itself through these types of artistic entertainment, each one defining and shaping its culture.

One of the most versatile and transient elements, however, would have to be anime based on or revolving around the school environment.

High school, middle school, in some cases even elementary school or college; it only makes sense that when you target an audience demographic, your best strategy is to have characters that the viewers can relate to.

Since we all go to school (and most current anime-watchers are still IN school), it’s only natural to see anime featuring schools. But what’s more interesting is to see the different ways in which the educational system is used to work around a certain plot point.

Traditional schools are most prominent, but schools in outer space and schools that double as military bases are increasing in number.

In either case, we can use these anime as a window into the typical experience of Japanese youth. The system has its similarities and its distinct differences from what we experience here in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Using what I’ve seen in anime, read in a few real-life blog sites, and have gathered from some outside sources, I present to you my look at the Japanese school system.

School Buildings

School Buildings In AnimeSchool campuses are often gigantic. Multiple buildings
interlaced with gorgeous courtyards and gardens are
the standard.
School Buildings In Anime

The school building from Azumanga Daioh represents the majority of the facades.


School Buildings Anime

North High is a medium-sized city school.

School Buildings In AnimeComplete with an old attached building that’s rarely used.


School In Anime 375 –Yamasaki Private Girls’ Academy is an example of an
inner-city campus.
School Buildings In Anime
While Kizaki High School represents a smaller, more rural


School In Anime 276 –

Then we get into the mega-huge city-sized campuses like Mahora Academy, home to over 30,000 students.

School Buildings In Anime

Mai-HiME’s Fuuka Academy is a shining example of an
elegant, high-class facility.


School In Anime

Seems like you’d need to pay just to breathe the air inside a place like Ototachibana Academy.

Gardens School In Anime

Even the majestic gardens at Mahora Academy scream


School Buildings In Anime

The exterior of Miyagami Academy stands as an example
of modern architecture.


School Anime

The inside of this modernized structure also proves to be as equally interesting.


Front Of School In Anime

Then there are the “interesting” places… the schools that
serve as fronts for military operations, like Gokuya High
School, entrance to the Mondenkind Japan iDOL Team Base.


Overview Anime School

You’d never be able to tell just by looking at it from above
that below this school is an AEGIS base.


Ninja Training School In Anime
Of course, not all schools teach just math and grammar.
The Ro-gumi Ninja Training School has a much different
Starship Piloting
As does the school at Stellvia Foundation II, where students learn the basics like music and science, but also starship piloting while floating 240 miles above the Earth.


“Specialty” School In Anime Types

Anime has been known to stretch the imagination and not only create new situations in the world as we know it but also to create an entirely new world and incorporate some of the basic things in which we’re already familiar… like schools!

Mizuhosaka Academy Anime SchoolMizuhosaka Academy is a revered educational facility that is half a normal school and half a magic-training school. Magic Academy School In Anime

As is Trysting Kingdom Magic Academy… basically anime’s version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


School Types In Anime
The students at Gokuya High learn about astrophysics, space geology, and mecha-piloting.
School Types In Anime
And the boys and girls of Stellvia train how to pilot small
spacecraft right from the start.



Royal Bodyguard School In Anime

The esteemed Guarderobe Academy is where young girls
must go to become a royal bodyguard called an Otome.

Ninja School In Anime

And if you wanna become a traditional ninja, then send in your application to the Ro-gumi School.

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