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Unlike what happens in the conventional KBC lottery Winner, in scratch cards it is decided from the beginning how many prizes are going to be awarded, as well as how the winning cards are going to be distributed. In addition, it is well known that in these draws the numbers that make up the winning combination are generated by sophisticated software that follows certain parameters. Chance, then, is quite limited.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC

Hence, in order to identify the winning tickets, it is necessary to solve two great enigmas: On the one hand, what is the formula dictated by the promoters that the computer program follows and, on the other, how is the distribution of cards is carried out. Here is what mathematicians call epistemic uncertainty: Players know how many KBC Winner 2022 prizes are being distributed and how much, but not where to find them.

To approach this unknown -unless the draw is manipulated- one can only use the information available to any participant. Although scarce, it may be enough to discover the jackpot. So much so that, as has been published, there are several who have managed to decipher the winning combination after carefully studying the distribution of the winning cards, as well as when and where the prizes were distributed. To make matters worse, some mathematicians claim that, using the serial numbering of each card and after a thorough study analysing all the parameters listed, it could be possible to know if the scratch card in front of you contains some kind of reward or not.

KBC Lottery 2022

In this regard, a statistician specialized in games of chance explained that “the cards are produced in series, which means that there must be some computer program that determines the numbers. The KBC Lucky Draw 2022 system would be infallible if it could spit out random digits. But that is not possible since the organizer of the draw needs to control the number of winning tickets. The game, then, cannot be considered random. Despite this, it has to generate the illusion of randomness”.

All this has led some journalists to think that Ginther may have taken advantage of his friendship with the lottery seller to review all the cards that came to him at the gas station before they were sold. One glance, and after investigating how each batch would have been distributed, it would have launched to buy all those scratch cards likely to be winners. Taking into account that most of the winning tickets were purchased at the same establishment, the suspicions are evident.

As Nathaniel Rich, one of the journalists who has followed this story most closely, puts it, in order to understand the reason for Ginther’s success, it cannot be ignored that she was a former mathematics professor specializing in statistics, nor that, despite changing her residence to Las Vegas, the Texan regularly returned to her hometown to continue buying the winning scratch cards.

Whatever the formula that the American has used to become a millionaire at the expense of the lottery, it seems that we will never know because Ginther refuses to give interviews. More than one trusts that one day, she will end up revealing it.

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