Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watch in August 2020

Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watch in August 2020

Korean dramas you need to be watching in august 2020, These are currently airing and will be airing in an august 2020, these are pick by K drama fans.

Hanging On

Hanging On
Hanging On ( Source: pinterest.com )

This story is based on webtoon our Character will be Jung Sang-Hoon who is in college and receives great attention due to its appearance physical but at home, things are very different since his family seems not being able to understand it is how you have a web program where your main activity is telling the deepest secrets your family keeps.

Genres: Comedy, Family, Sitcom
Aired: Aug 6, 2020


Lonely Enough to Love

Lonely Enough to Love
Lonely Enough to Love ( Source: pinterest.com )

What happens when young adults they share the same apartment since Cha Kang Woo is 30 years old and is a psychiatrist despite enjoying good looks have been denied love after going through a bad experience, on the other hand, Lee Na Eun is the editor of the very kind profession and hates injustices she has been single for four years although feelings will not be in her when moving to an apartment shared.

Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama
Aired: Aug 11, 2020

Stranger 2 (2020)

Stranger 2
Stranger 2 ( Source: pinterest.com )
If you like dramas, legal now you can choose stranger and more now that already we have the second season Hwang Shi Mook lost their emotions in the wake of surgery to the brain to which it was subject when he was a child he already as an adult is a correct tax although it is alone in one of those cases known to Han Yeo Jin, who is a lieutenant with the will begin to work to end the corruption.
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Drama, Investigation
Aired: Aug 15, 2020

When I Was The Most Beautiful

When I Was The Most Beautiful
When I Was The Most Beautiful ( Source: pinterest.com )
Love triangles will always be of our favorites on this occasion, Oh Ye Ji who is one talented ceramic artist and the word surrender does not exist in his vocabulary in your life intersect two brothers one of them is Seo Hwan who is an architectural design of a good heart he falls in love at first sight but she will not have such an easy path since his brother Seo Jin will also be fixed in the gym but unlike Seo Hwan, he is extremely ambitious and he is a leader of his rally team.
Genres: Romance, Drama
Airs: Aug 19, 2020

Love Alarm 2

Love Alarm 2
Love Alarm 2 ( Source: pinterest.com )

Love Alarm is an application that will send you an alert to if someone 10 meters from distance is in love with you that’s how the story will revolve around to whom Kim Jo Jo who is girl tranquility as a sad past to his life comes one which is the dream of all the girls in his school and will sound your alarm to each other but not everything is happiness, as it is the best friend, is one is also found in love with chemo me.

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Drama
Airs: Aug 22, 2020


Missing: The Other Side

Missing The Other Side
Missing The Other Side ( Source: pinterest.com )

A mysterious village just as bewitched in it begins a search to find bodies that they have mysteriously disappeared and discover the truth after the stranger a scammer and a mysterious happened man will unite to resolve the case.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
Airs: Aug 29, 2020

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol ( Source: pinterest.com )

It is a musical drama as the Main Character has to cure her, he is a pianist and has a good personality but goes bankrupt and not he knows what else to do with his script is a positive person and enjoys life even. If you have no dream or goal in specific both will meet in a small piano academy called the long.

Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Airs: Aug 26, 2020


Alice ( Source: pinterest.com )

The hotel Alice is not like us as it serves as space for step for travelers in a part-time is a detective who fights for the time travel does not cause disasters after their passage in the hotel and he reunites with the junta and whom he thought he would never be there again since she died in the past there he is physical and has the key to travel in time.

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Melodrama
Airs: Aug 28, 2020

Do You Like Brahms

Do You Like Brahms
Do You Like Brahms ( Source: pinterest.com )
In this drama, we will have in the life of students of a prestigious school of music who will go through for performances and competitions to achieve success but unfortunately, environment the press too much to the point coming to the obsession.
Genres: Music, Romance, Drama
Airs: Aug 31, 2020

Dok Go Bin is Updating

Dok Go Bin is Updating
Dok Go Bin is Updating ( Source: pinterest.com )

The stories between robots and humans have not lost Ha Deok Ho is a college student who despite being a kind and good person heart is very difficult to understand the others while Dok Go Binis a robot with artificial intelligence who was configured to have great empathy and resemble the best feelings of the human being but the strange mind is considered as an incomplete product

Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Robot
Airs: Aug 31, 2020

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