No Longer Allowed In Another World Anime Announced

No Longer Allowed In Another World

Kadokawa released a new trailer and promotional artwork for the anime ‘No longer allowed in another world’ (Isekai Shikkaku).
The trailer shows that the anime will debut in 2024.

Noda & Wakamatsu launched ‘Love After World Domination,’ a manga by the duo, in October 2019 on Shogakukan Yawaraka Spirits’ website. Shogakukan published the eighth volume in November 2022 and the ninth on June 12.

No Longer Allowed In Another World Anime Trailer


It sounds like the dream of any anime fan. An adventure in another world with beautiful women by your side… and gaming power! Osamu Dazai is a brooding writer who prefers to die. 1948 games were not invented when Osamu Dazai found himself in another world.

No Longer Allowed In Another World

In reality, his adventures are only a distraction from his dream to find the perfect place for him to die. Everything seems to work out no matter how much he puts his life on the line. This isekai comedy features a dark, lighthearted hero unlike any other.

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