Onii Chan wa Oshimai! Get Anime Adaptation

Onii Chan wa Oshimai

Ichijinsha revealed on a Friday that her Onimai was: “I’m Your Sister Now! (Onii-chan wa Oshimai!) manga is inspiring a television anime starring Marika Kono as protagonist Mahiro Oyama and Kaori Ishihara as Mahiro’s sister Mihari Oyama.

Ichijinsha is streaming a hilarious voiced motion video that features the voice actresses.

Shingo Fujii (Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation: Episode 11 storyboards director) will be making his directorial debut in the series in the form of an anime on Studio Bind.

Michiko Yokote ( Shirobako, Prison School Love All Play, Tsurune ) is the director of the series ‘ scripts. Ryo Imamura (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation episode 11 director of animation) is in charge of the design of the characters. EGG FIRM is producing the series.

Kodansha Comics is publishing the manga digitally in English, and the manga outlines the plot.

Onii Chan wa Oshimai! Anime Trailer

Mahiro Oyama was a normal person who was fond of erotica up until the day he awoke as a female. Her crazy scientist daughter, Mihara, tried one of her latest experiments on Mahiro, and it came up with an unfavorable outcome for Mahiro would like to know.

However, Mihara is just as determined to learn about the subject as he is eagerly returning to his normal life of lockdown and fun, but one thing is certain the world will be more bizarre from now on! It began as a self-published project by Nekotofu in 2017, which was published on pixiv and other sites online.

Nekotofu started a weekly publication of the comic in Ichijinsha, the publisher of Comic Rex magazine, in April 2019. Ichijinsha will release the manga’s sixth collected book and its second anthology on the same day, April 27. Kodansha Comics released the fifth volume in English on March 22.

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