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Rin Tohsaka

It is a way to remember a game that took the unexpected step of adapting one of its newest servants to honor the debut of one of its main heroines Rin Tohsaka. Thank you to those who obtained Rin/ Ishtar in each game, Fate/Grand Ord.

To return to the subject, Rin Tohsaka is the girl we will be focusing on today from the Fate/Stay Night series.

This series, which began as a doujinshi created by circle Type-Moon, has become one of the most popular in the otaku community.

One of the three heroines, Rin, has a beautiful appearance. A tsundere personality loved by many circles. It’s not surprising that this curt girl is so popular.

When I was first watching the Fate/stay evening series, I looked at Sakura’s sister. But as time passed, I saw Rin’s appearance in the movie Death/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works.

My heart began to shift towards a girl with twin-tail hair. This series contains a lot of waifu content, but why did this girl get chosen as my waifu? These are the reasons.

Rin Tohsaka Charm Woman

Rin Tohsaka

Rin is an attractive woman. Her long, black hair is tied in a twintail style. She was not an intriguing character at first. I thought she was too skinny.

As time passes, Rin becomes more appealing as a woman with a perfect body and entrusted with many positive female qualities.

Rin grew up to be a beautiful woman, not only while she was in high school. She grew out of his long hair as an adult and began to wear more professional clothes.

Although she may be a little aloof and not friendly to new people, her tongue can also be a bit sharp. It is not unusual for him to cut if you’re more annoying than Shinji.

This is also one of his charms as a woman. Can you melt Rin’s hearts like Shirou?

Tohsaka Rin Strong Girl

Rin Tohsaka

You’ve probably seen or read Fate/Zero and know the story of Rin’s parents. Rin was abandoned by his parents and grew up independent and strong at an early age. Rin was also raised with the Tohsaka name, which made him strive to be the best.

Rin, at school, is a portrait that reflects a well-mannered, smart student. She would be a great student if it weren’t for his serious and cold aura.

Rin maintains that picture to keep curious people away from his private life. Although she is a friendly, bossy, and stingy person in real life, this moe gap has been a major attraction for Rin.

Rin is not one to lose heart. She will do whatever it takes to win in her personal life and the Holy Grail battle. She made many preparations to summon Saber, who is considered the strongest servant. She would rather fight until the end than surrender in combat.

Please don’t argue with her. It might be best to give up. Your argument will keep going. It is okay to give in to Rin.

Rin Tohsaka Tsundere Girl

Rin Tohsaka

Rin is a very different person. She can be harsh and cold towards others and appear serious and difficult to approach.

The merciful side, especially towards Sakura, is what makes him. Rin wants her only sibling to be happy, even though she may not know the truth behind Matou’s doors.

Rin was also the first character I ever saw to adopt the tsundere trait. She is probably the most adorable in her execution. The effect is stronger because Rin Tsundere is fighting for her life in seihai sensibilou. Most of the characters are tsundere in school.

Rin Tohsaka Athletic Body

Rin Tohsaka

It is essential to have a perfect body shape to fight in seihai sensors. Especially if you are fighting other masters.

Rin may not have the physical ability to match the strength of other masters. However, her magical skills in battle were inferior to Illya. She could dodge attacks using her body’s resistance.

Rin’s slim and light body helps her with many problems, but it might not allow her to have a bust larger than her sister. Rin’s body is perfect, at least to me. Take a look at Rin’s PVC Unlimited Blade Works, which highlights Rin’s ideal body shape.

Is it true Rin Tohsaka is a good waifu? I doubt Rin is a good waifu because of his bossy nature and the fact that she doesn’t want to lose. It could even be a high-maintenance waifu. Why? Perhaps the following can help you understand.

Rin is a serious person who acts on logic and not his feelings. However, she makes mistakes at crucial moments.

She forgot to change the time zone in his house by one hour when she wanted to summon Saber. So he performed the summoning ritual at 1 a.m. instead of 2. She called Archer rather than Saber.

Rin believes that the curse of his descendants is why she makes so many mistakes at such crucial times. It’s cute, and I’m not sure about that.

Are you able to save enough money?

Rin is from a wealthy family. Unfortunately, a lot of Rin’s family’s assets have been lost to his nanny Kotomine, who may not be able to manage a business. Rin has a maid that will take care of it.

Another thing that may need treatment is Rin’s jewel, which his family passed down to him.

The Jewel, Rin’s magic crystallization, will be destroyed when it is used in combat. You might consider buying gems and diamonds for your waifu who enjoys jewels.

Disc-co, one of JOI’s crew, is a big fan of the character, and tonight, it is expected that she will attempt to pull gacha from Rin.

Although I tried to draw Rin during the event, I was not awarded Rin during the gacha session. Disc-co said Gudako was the main character in Fate/Grand Order and Emiya was her child.

Rin Tohsaka might not be the kind of wife that is skilled at managing the household. I don’t think she is good at cooking, so you will need to either cook or purchase food from the outside.

She can make you happy in any way. You, especially if you are a bit maso or like to be scolded and criticized by pretty girls like her. I agree that Rin is a god-tier waifu.

Are there other aspects of Rin Tohsaka that you feel are more appropriate? Let us know if you agree in the comments section.

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