Skeleton Knight In Another World Will Premiere On April 7

skeleton knight in another world

The official site for the Skeleton Knight in Another World anime was revealed on Thursday. That the anime will air in Japanese broadcasting on April 7. The site has also been updated with a brand new teaser of only half a minute.

The main characters from this version of the lighter novels by Enki Hakari are shown. It can be viewed in Spain on Crunchyroll.

The people behind this project are animators from the studio’s KAI and HORNETS.

The Director Katsumi Ono has been involved in other projects like Hypnosis Mic, Hataraki Man, Girly Air Force, or various sequels to the Senki Zessho Symphogear franchise. With Ono, Takeshi Kikuchi Night Wizard The Animation, Ragnastrike Angels supervise the script.

Toru Imanishi ( Girly Air Force, Super Cub, WorldEnd ) is adapting the original design of Keg. In the section for the soundtrack, eba and Tsubasa Ito compose the music.

skeleton knight in another world anime

The Skeleton Knight in Another World anime series is an adaptation of the original novel by Enki Hakari.

This is an adventure and a comedy and fantasy light novel released. Since October on the Shosetsuka Ni Naro self-publishing site and printed with paper from Editorial Overlap since June 2015.

The novel has nine volumes featuring artwork created by Keg. It Manga adaptations created by Akira Sawano. Comic Gardo magazine has been releasing manga by this same company since 2017. It has to date 9 volumes of compilation for Japan. Japanese market.

One day, a player engaged in video gaming until it went to sleep. When he awoke, it was in the world that he was playing with an emaciated skull.

He was armed with the deadly weapons and armor of his character and a frightening skeletal look. Arc has to find his way to a home in this new and exciting world.

His hopes of peace in his life are destroyed when he meets an elf-like warrior. She is beautiful who takes him upon a path filled with adventure and conflict.

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