Spy Classroom Highlights The Character Monika

Spy Classroom Anime

The official press release for the anime adaptation of the story Spy Classroom, a 32-second promotional video, has been released. It features the character Monika who is voiced by voice actor Aoi Yuuki.

The official website to promote Spy Kyoushitsu has also revealed a new video. Spy Kyoushitsu anime shared an image that also features Monika, the main character Monika. It is worth noting that in the past few weeks.

The production committee of the show Spy Kyoushitsu confirmed that a special theme would be introduced. Which will be a weekly release of new promotional videos featuring various characters.

Spy Classroom Anime Monika Promotional Video

It’s worth noting that in March this year. The novel light Spy Kyoushitsu announced the production of its animated adaptation. And told that an animation studio was in charge of the production. The series will debut in Japan in January 2023.

The Spy Kyoushitsu light novel, also called Spy Classroom, is written by Takemichi and illustrated by Tomari. The novel was published with the Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint in January 2020.

The story has an adaptation of the manga by Kaname Seu and was a publication in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine in May 2020.

Summary Spy Classroom Anime

Spy Classroom Anime

After a prolonged war caused destruction to the populace. World governments used different strategies to advance their goals by waging war behind the scenes.

Lily is a gorgeous girl with white locks studying in one of the numerous schools that teach youngsters to become skilled spymasters. Although she scores high marks on the written tests, she is unable to pass her test.

With no practical skills to speak of, her chances of passing the exam are low. Until she is given the possibility of joining the mysterious “Tomoshibi” team and participating in an Impassable mission.

In awe of the possibility of working alongside top-of-the-line, Lily enthusiastically accepts. But she’s stunned as she enters Kagerou Palace. Tomoshibi’s true motives and desperate circumstances are revealed.

Along with other spies who are a menace and a mysterious young man leading this operation. Lily realizes that this may not be the getaway she imagined.

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