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We are a diverse team blog that publishes articles about Animes, Animes reviews, Korean dramas, and Asian dramas more stuff Such as top animes, top drams. These animes and drams are reviewed by the anime and drama fan and voted in social media. Animegrill is here to provide an insight into the various ongoing anime and manga, drama, k-drama series in the world. We are a diverse team blog that aims to bring you different perspectives of anime, drama and makes sure that good writers have a platform to expose their writing to readers who are able to interact in an intelligent manner (and sometimes fanboyish/fangirlish manner). All in all, we try to make sure that you are entertained. That’s why you are reading our blog, right?

Our mission

Our goal is to satisfy the viewer, fans by writing interesting and informative content related anime, and dramas. Feel free to share your thoughts content, article, review any one of our articles or lists,
contact us.

Any images used on Animegrill that are not my original art (such as youtube video or images of anime, dramas) are for editorial purposes only. If the original owner or owners of any image found would like an image removed, please send us a message indicating this and the image will be completely removed.


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