So Joo-yeon, Jeong Yi-seo, and Jo-in Join New KBS Drama Special

So Joo-yeon, Jeong Yi-seo, and Jo-in

Actors So Joo-Yeon, Jeong Yi-Seo, and Jo-in have been cast as characters in the KBS drama series that features a one-act play “Three”.

The one-act drama “Three” of the ‘UHD KBS Drama Special 2021’ directed by Koo Sung-Joon and starring Lee Nam-Hee set to air in December.

The show is a suspense-thriller that follows three of the characters, who are suffering from the marks of sexual crime come together to the same place for the first time after twelve years to get revenge. The spotlight is focused upon Lee Seo and Jo In who are confirmed to be in the show.

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So Joo-Yeon is the role of Kim Jong-hee’ for the stage. Kim Jong-hee plays the character who is determined to lead a normal life better than everyone else.

As Someone who is unable to acknowledge and conceal her wounds. Because she fears being revealed to the world regarding her sexual abuse history.

So Joo-Yeon has been acknowledged for her acting talents in films like ‘Romantic Dr. Kim 2’, ‘Teacher Kim 2’. ‘How to Love City Women and Men and “To Us Beautiful,” is expected to show the aspect of Kim Jong-hee who suffers from a wound that is stinging.

Jeong Yi-Seo plays the role of ‘Woo-Hyeong-Joo. After his mother’s remarriage Woo Hyeong-Joo is abused sexually by his stepfather. He also is possessed of a feeling of guilt whenever even close friends fall victim.

The attention of the public is focused on Jeong Yi-Seo’s charm will captivate viewers through his cross-section of films and dramas like “Jose,” “Parasite,” and Mine.

Jo In plays the role of “Bori Kang”. Kang Bori is a character who wishes to find her life back by taking revenge on her current life which was different from her brilliant and intelligent past.

Are you interested in the real-life persona that Jo In will draw, who has been a dazzling performer in the productions ‘Portrait of Dorian Grey”, ‘Save the Planet and the debut of her terrestrial show Model Taxi.

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Three tells The story follows three females who come together to take revenge in order to heal the hurts that have afflicted them for years. It is expected to create tension on the tiny screen.

As the secrets that lie between the three women are exposed. The anticipation for the show is growing because it will reveal the conflict and the reversal that will unfold.

KBS Drama Special 2021’s drama will air on the very first day of the season in October and the one-act comedy ‘Three’ is set to premiere in December.

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