Naruto: All Akatsuki Members In Order Ranking

Naruto All Akatsuki Members

All Akatsuki members are among the most famous characters in the history of Naruto anime. It is one of the most intriguing in the world of anime series.

The Akatuski group is comprised of powerful and dark members. Now is the time to find out more about them!

The group was created by powerful ninjas who could destroy entire nations on their own, like Sasori, Pain, and Itachi. The criminal group was one of the greatest threats to Vila da Folha.

As time passed, Akatsuki recruited the most impressive renegade ninjas from every village. This list is the most powerful evidence of the force of the entire team of this terrifying group.

As time went on, the other Akatsuki members started to be hired. Shinobis, who were fugitives, were also enlisted. Are you looking for a friend?

Here is an extensive list of naruto members of the Akatsuki from the most powerful.

13 List of All Akatsuki Members In Order Ranking

1. Yahiko (Pain)

Yahiko (Pain) all the akatsuki members

Pain, or more commonly Pain Akatsuki, refers to the body of the corpse of Yahiko, the founder and founder of Akatsuki itself.

The corpse was manipulated by Uzumaki Nagato at an infinity distance as if Yahiko lived. Uzumaki Nagato is a master of the Rinnegan Eye Dojutsu power he acquired from Madara.

It was because of that Rinnegan Nagato was capable of controlling the movements and capabilities of Yahiko (Pain) as an instructor.

The other members of Pain’s Akatsuki amounted to five others and were equipped with exceptional abilities. But the more cloned Rinnegan’s powers are, the riskier it could be for the original owner of the Rinnegan.

The abilities controlled by those who are part of the Pain Akatsuki are different. Yahiko himself, a leader, can alter the power of gravity by using Shira Tensei and Chibaku Tensei and incredible strength.

Some members also have their own unique Kuchiyose no Jutsu moves. They were invoking the God of Death and having the ability to switch it back on and off.

Some are specially for regaining others from Pain Akatsuki who were destroyed or defeated. Some play a role in manipulating missiles and bombs.

What happened when Yahiko (Pain) died? Yahiko himself was dead in the past when he was manipulated to death by Hanzo Salamander, the leader of the village that was awash with rain.

While Konan is held hostage, Yahiko is forced to take his own life to pay Konan’s ransom. However, for Akatsuki, Yahiko is required to commit suicide. Akatsuki task, Yahiko, who initially decided to take his own life by committing suicide by tying himself into Nagato.

Yahiko Power

Nature’s elements include Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth.

Nagato/Pain’s Strengths Rinnegan the Six Paths to Pain/Pein Rikudo Five-element the chakra transform, sensor-type ninja Shinra Tensei Chibaku Tensei Kuchiyose as well.

Nagato’s Death/Pain Naruto Uzumaki and Kyubbi Nine-Tail. Nagato was able to realize and then sacrificed himself, employing a method that is not allowed to bring back the Konoha people he had was killed with Nagato’s death instead.

2. Uzumaki Nagato

Uzumaki Nagato

Nagato has been one of the pupils of Legend of the Sannin Jiraiya, whom he believed was an infant who was expected to be a powerful character who would alter the fate of Shinobi shortly even though it did not succeed.

Nagato had a miserable and war-stricken childhood. In reality, he was forced to witness his parents being killed before his eyes. Because the war did not slow down slowly.

Since childhood, Nagato inherited the Rinnegan eye from Madara, passed through to him by the Kekkei Genkai.

Nagato’s quiet, traumatized, and solitary persona doesn’t make Rinnegan’s eyes unique an ideal chance. The uncontrollable emotion of Nagato led to Nagato frequently killing people in the presence of the Rinnegan.

Ultimately, he utilized it to create Pain Akatsuki, who took over the Kyuubi. As of now, it isn’t established what caused Nagato’s Rinnegan eyes weren’t taken by Uzumaki Naruto, who saw the dangers they were. Rinnegan’s eyes were too reckless, people.

Nagato, or Pain, was one of the founders of the world of Akatsuki and is among some of the strongest ninjas of the whole Naruto story.

After acquiring Nagato’s Rinnegan, Nagato developed the Six Paths of Pain technique. That created warriors he could manipulate through the body parts of other ninjas, including his buddy Yahiko.

Uzumaki Nagato Power

The ninja has the Rinnegan, which gives the user incredible powers. It includes manipulating nature’s forces and even being able to read minds. Nagato’s strength is so great that he could destroy Konoha in totality.

3. Konan

Konan naruto members of the akatsuki

One of Jiraiya’s three foster kids, Konan. A gorgeous shinobi who decided to join Nagato’s team in the running of the Akatsuki management wheel following Nagato’s demise.

Konan is a crucial player like one in his role as one of the Akatsuki members. Konan has incredible super strength.

The ability to transform paper into a deadly weapon. It’s not clear the nature of Konan’s power. But, he is the only Shinobi who can master the art of Jutsu. Manipulate paper in all movements and even alter the paper to fly wherever he’d like.

While many of the Akatsuki members, Akatsuki are fantastic. She was one of the three founders and the first creators of Akatsuki. Akatsuki Red Cloud symbol.

Konan is also close to killing a Great Ninja-like Obito but does not succeed. Also, Sasori, the king of Kugutsu, has beaten himself up in a tense battle.

Konan Power

Nature’s elements include Water, Wind, Lightning,

Konan’s Strengths: paper clone paper shuriken, Dance of the Shigikami, etc.

Konan’s Death: After Nagato’s demise, Konan decided to quit the Akatsuki group. Konan was later murdered by Tobi or Obita Uchiha, who wanted to get the eyes of the Rinnegan off Nagato’s body.

4. Tobi (Obito Uchiha)


The next most powerful Akatsuki participant will be Tobi (Obito). Behind Tobi’s mask lies Obito Uchiha. Through carrying out a major task, Madara Uchiha Obito, in fact, indirectly holds control of the role of Akatsuki captain.

However, Obito, as Tobi, did not reveal his real identity. He did not reveal his sound, power, or background. Konan is known to be a nerd. His real strength can be seen when Konan discovers the motive behind Tobi, which is Obito.

Obito Uchiha has the ability of a Sharingan on his left eye and a Rinnegan on his left side. The Rinnegan was taken from Nagato’s passing. Through that sharing, the man could activate the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Utilize his Kamui to travel to another spot. Obito succeeded in transforming the 7 Biju into the form of the sculpture of Gedou Mazo, breaking in the Fourth Shinobi World War. His tireless work began with Akatsuki.

Obito Uchiha Power

Natural Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood

Obito Uchiha’s Strengths: Sharingan, Mangeky Sharingan, Kamui, Izanagi, Genjutsu, Doujutsu, Rinnegan, Six Paths of Pain/Pein Rikudo, Bijudama, Bukijutsu, etc.

Obito Uchiha’s Death: Obito died after sacrificing himself to defend Naruto and Sasuke against Kaguya Otsutsuki’s attacks.

5. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

After a massacre of his clan, Itachi Uchiha decided to go to Konoha. In comparison, he did not hate Konoha. Itachi agreed to become an Akatsuki member. Akatsuki, which he believed was compatible with his ideals of carrying out the peace mission.

Uchiha Itachi was feared in Akatsuki due to his incredible capabilities. The Mangekyou’s power, the strength of his Sharingan eye, and the name he earned as”King of Genjutsu ” should not be questioned.

Kisame and Orochimaru were even forced to stand in a kneeling position against Itachi Uchiha’s power. At Itachi’s mercy, Sanbi was also captured from Jinchuriki Yagura.

Itachi Uchiha Power

Nature’s elements include Wind, Fire, and Water.

Itachi Uchiha’s Strengths: Sharingan, Mangeky Sharingan, Genjutsu, Doujutsu, Izanami, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susano’o, Kuchiyose, Gokakyu no Jutsu, Bukijutsu, etc.

Itachi Uchiha’s death: Itachi died from an illness that was not understood. He had suffered for years after battling Sasuke Uchiha.

6. Hoshigaki Kisame

Hoshigaki Kisame

The nickname is the Shark Monster with Biju chakra. The ninja who ran away from Kirigakure is a highly heavyweight fugitive. Obito persuaded him to join the Akatsuki of Akatsuki to ensure that Akatsuki was stronger.

He is popularly known as the Biju chakra monster due to Kisame’s advantages in having huge quantities of chakra. The most important element is water.

Like the Second Hokage, Kisame can create massive waves of water without water. Under the control of Kisame, the Sanbi was taken from Yagura using Itachi.

Hoshigaki Kisame Power

Nature’s elements include Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Kisame Hoshigaki’s Strengths Samehada Sword is powerful, with large chakra. That can absorb the opponent’s chakra, Daikodan no Jutsu, Dai Bakusui, Suiro no Jutsu, Mizu Bunshin, Kuchiyose Other water elemental techniques.

After losing the battle with Gai Maito Kisame Hoshigaki, Kisame demise is captured and interrogated by the Island Turtle.

Kisame Hoshigaki then died by suicide to ensure that he wouldn’t be interrogated. That the enemy did not access the information, he had gathered.

7. Hidan

Hidan all akatsuki members

Immortality is not possible for humans. However, not according to Hidan’s view. With God Jashin’s faith, Hidan is sure to end the suffering associated with humans’ souls.

In a way, he makes humans serve as ransom for Lord Jashin. The god he believed could prolong the duration of his existence at any moment.

In the end, Hidan’s arrogance has to be paid for by the defeat by Itachi and Kakuzu. This is why he needed to be an official member of Akatsuki.

In the end, he will join the membership of the group Kakuzu (one from the Eternal Ninjas) as part of Akatsuki clan. He comes from Yugakure.

In the anime show Uzumaki Boruto, the followers of the Jashin gods, similar to Hidan, appear.

However, it’s not clear what this god Jashin adherent operates. However, he was again defeated by Mirai Sarutobi, using his Genjutsu.

Hidan Power

Hidan’s Strength: The capacity to live forever. Not be killed even if an attack hits, or still alive even if his head is severed.

Jujutsu: Shiji Hyoketsu is a ritual technique to join his body with the opponent. So that when you stab yourself, the attacker also suffers the same wound, while Hidan will live for eternity.

The death of Hidan: Hidan was defeated by Shikamaru Nara and was buried and sucked into the underground. Since he could live forever, Hidan did not die and was still alive beneath the earth, but his body was dying due to a deficiency of nutrients.

8. Kakuzu

Kakuzu akatsuki characters

Like Hidan, Kakuzu is also called the Eternal Ninja. It’s not known what caused it. Kakuzu was suddenly a part of Akatsuki.

The ninja is a runaway from Takigakure. Replaces his body parts with special threads and five hearts. The length of his life depends on the condition of the heart.

Kakuzu has lived since the time of the original Hokage Hashirama Senju. He was treated unjustly by his family. Ultimately, he rebelled and resorted to his village’s Forbidden Jutsu.

Robbing and taking human hearts is his daily routine. Until he was finally crippled by Tendo The Pain as well as Zetsu.

They had to commit themselves to becoming a part of Akatsuki. Along with Hidan, Kakuzu managed to get the two-tailed monster, Nibi.

Kakuzu Power

Nature’s elements include Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth.

Kakuzu Force: A method for getting the enemy’s heart to prolong their lives; five elements of chakra transformation

Kakuzu Died: Kakuzu, who has five hearts, died in a fight against Konoha Shinobi. One heart was destroyed through Kakashi Hatake’s Raikiri attack.

Hidan’s suicide attempt destroyed another heart. Two hearts were killed due to Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken position, and Kakashi Hatak took his final life.

9. Sasori


The Sunagakure legend about Sunagakure’s Kugutsu master, who else but Sasori.

Even Sasori is one of those accountable for the redemption of many great and valuable Shinobi of Sunagakure. The one you call an octogenarian, the 3rd Kazekage. Iron Sand user.

Sasori lost to Konan in a decisive fight. After the defeat, Sasori surrendered as a part of Akatsuki.

At Akatsuki, Sasori teamed up with Deidara. At the hands of Sasori and Deidara, Sanbi and Ichibi were caught.

Sasori Power

Sasori’s powers: Kugutsu no Jutsu/puppet control techniques (Hiruko, Third Kazekage, 100 Puppets), Satetsu, Akahigi: Hyakki no Soen, etc.

Sasori’s death: Sasori died while fighting with Chiyo and Sakura Haruno. Sasori died after being wounded to the chest by the father and Chiyo’s mother doll grandmother.

10. Deidara


Deidara is a ninja master escapee from Iwagakure, the village on the land. His strength lies in the Kekkei Genkai turning the ground into an explosive after being mixed with particles.

The most distinctive feature of Deidara is his hand with a mouth. It is used to crush clay into bombs.

Deidara was easily defeated by Itachi and was forced to be a part of Akatsuki.

In his time at Akatsuki, Deidara could take on the single tail-tailed beast from Gara on his own. Sasori only watched. Despite that, his explosive ability is unquestionably impressive. Even Kakashi was a victim of his own.

Deidara Power

Lightning Element, Earth

Deidara’s Strengths: Explosion technique using clay items, such as C0 C1, C2 Dragon C3 Ohako C4 Karura, Nendo Bunshin

Deidara’s Death: Deidara was killed during a battle against Sasuke Uchiha. He died when he used his C0 technique to create an explosion within a large distance, which ultimately caused him to lose his life.

11. Juzo Biwa

Juzo Biwa akatsuki members naruto

Escape from Kirigakure. Juzo Biwa is among the seven legends that have survived of Kirigakure’s swordsman. His association with Akatsuki was the beginning of his work with Itachi.

In his time in Akatsuki was over, he had to surrender his life because of Yagura’s rage in Biju mode. Along with Itachi, the two finally succeeded in becoming his role in the Three-Tails Biju. His career has to come to an end here.

Juzo Biwa Power

His skill with the sword had made Biwa an icon and popular before he even joined Akatsuki and was a part of Uchiha Itachi. Due to this talent, Jozu Biwa has the chance to become an influential leader in his village.

However, he was killed by the mist village after Jozu Biwa joined Akatsuki.

12. Orochimaru


Joined the group of Akatsuki intending to watch Itachi and with the evil intention of capturing Uchiha Itachi’s Sharingan eye. While on a mission, Orochimaru’s nefarious plan to take on Itachi fell short. Then, the face of Orochomaru disappeared from Akatsuki.

Orochimaru Power

Natural Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood

Orochimaru’s Strengths: Edo Tensei, Fushi Tensei, Juinjutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Shiki Fujin, Kuchiyose, Rashomon, etc.

Death of Orochimaru The first time Orochimaru lost to Sasuke Uchiha. However, it is now clear that Orochimaru is alive and surviving.

Thanks to his remaining chakra by removing the curse mark on Anko Mitarashi’s corpse. To date, Orochimaru is still alive and is the sole former member of Akatsuki who has not passed away.

13. Zetsu

Zetsu members of the akatsuk

Zetsu is a blend of Kaguya’s son’s White and Black Zetsu created by Madara Uchiha based on Hashirama’s DNA. The two merge as Zetsu is a part of the Akatsuki.

While not a member in an operational capacity. Zetsu is more about being an informer in Akatsuki to aid Tobi’s efficiency in smoothing the smoothness of his actions. However, he has no special powers. Zetsu can disguise itself from trees and soils containing woody roots.

Zetsu is not equipped with a strong fighting capability like other Akatsuki members. However, white Zetsu can absorb the chakra it captures. The shape changed into a person and then became an espionage agent.

White Zetsu Power All The Akatsuki Members

Natural Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood

White Zetsu abilities: Chakra transfer, Kagero techniques to spy, Kisei Bunshin, transformation, and cloning techniques.

The death of White Zetsu was killed following his death by Sasuke Uchiha, who wanted to examine his new eyes skills and the cloned White Zetsu died at the hands of the Shinobi alliance.

Black Zetsu Power

Black Zetsu’s Strengths: The ability to transfer chakra, the capability of recording the events that occur, the ability to appear everywhere on the earth, techniques to move between places, Kagero spy techniques, etc., quickly.

Death of Black Zetsu: Black Zetsu was sealed by Naruto Uzumaki and Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Either Akatsuki will be retold within the Uzumaki Boruto Anime, or it won’t. Yet, history has recorded Akatsuki as a massive and powerful organization during its period.


In the present, Akatsuki is indirectly told as part of the Kara Organization in the Uzumaki Boruto Anime. But, the cloud of red that is Akatsuki may be shown again.

Take a look at the complete list of the 13 Akatsuki characters from the most powerful in Uzumaki Naruto anime. Make sure to comment in the column and share to let your friends contribute their insights. Have fun!

Naruto is among the most well-known Japanese manga and animes worldwide. Masashi Kishimoto creates it. As one of the most popular anime, Naruto is among the top anime.

Naruto’s storyline focuses on the life of Konoha Shinobi and ninjas. It is watched by millions of people worldwide. There are many characters within the Naruto storyline. It begins with the main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki.

Every story has a villain that serves as an antagonist. In the Naruto series, the most well-known villain is the Akatsuki group.

Akatsuki clan is an illegal group comprised of evil ninjas who quit the village in pursuit of taking on the power of the Biju/tailed beasts to dominate the entire world.

Their characteristic is the fact that they wear black robes and red clouds.

On a mission, all Akatsuki members are always in groups of two people. At first, Akatsuki clan was commanded by Nagato. However, afterward, Akatsuki was ruled by Obito Uchiha, who wanted to create an entire world of genjutsu.

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