Orient Anime Confirms Premiere Date In New Trailer

Orient Anime

Shinobu Oka’s “Orient”, anime Shinobu Otaka’s most recent work, known for its “Magi”, the strongest yome of all, will be made into a T.V. animation in 2022. Professor Shinobu Ohtaka has also provided a festive illustration.

“Orient” an anime manga work, is being serialized by the Shonen Magazine (Kodansha). Orient’s anime story is set during the Sengoku period when Hinomoto was ruled over by “demons”.

Musashi, a 15-year-old boy, will battle these demons using an extraordinary power. Musashi and Kojiro were best friends at age 10.

Kojiro told them stories about evil demons that preyed on innocents and how warriors defeated them. The two friends vow to be the strongest people in the world by practicing swordsmanship.

Orient Anime

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Kojiro begins to lose his sanity as he gets older. And Musashi realizes that it is impossible for him to reverse 150 years of demon dominance. He is referred to as a prodigy with a pickaxe and is almost ready for a job.

Kojiro can’t help but feel that he has a responsibility to take action, and soon, the injustices in his world will force him into action.

Animation production: A.C.G.T. director Tetsuya Yanagisawa (“I loved that for a long period of time”), Character design Takahiro Kishida (“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, “Haikyu! The main staff is “.

Orient Anime Trailer Preview

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The teaser video shows Musashi holding a sword in front of the wilderness. A Japanese-style castle is flying in the blue sky. Kojiro attempts to grab the sword from the sheath. Musashi’s sword looks like a flame, and Kojiro is like a blue beam of light. Increase!

The main character Musashi (CV), is shown in the teaser preview on Orient anime. It was lifted before the broadcast. Yuma Uchida (CV) and Kojiro Kanemaki, his best friend (CV). Saito), They have made a vow to create a “strongest Samurai Corps” and face the demon god. You can hear Musashi and Kojiro’s voices for the first time on the teaser P.V.

Professor Otaka, the original author of this article, stated that. The staff are currently working hard to produce the Orient animation. To celebrate the animation, Musashi and Kojiro created illustrations. Official Twitter has an R.T. campaign to win this illustration.

The new character visuals and cast show Riyori Takahashi as Tsugumi Hattori. She is the youngest member of the Takeda Samurai Dan and skilled at spoiling.

Hinomoto will lead the “Takeda Samurai Dan”, while Satoshi Hino will play Naoto Takeda. He is a young man trying to escape the clutches of “Onigami”.

Stay tuned for the T.V. anime “Orient” to be broadcast from January 2022.

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