Anime Similar Tower Of God

Anime Similar Tower Of God

Anime like Tower of God, here are 5 animes like the tower of god hope you like it..

1. Angels of Death

Angels of Death
Angels of Death ( Source: )

This anime is about a suicidal blonde lolly named Rachel Gardner. So Rachel wakes up in the basement of this building with no recollection of how she got there. On the starting floor, Rachel encounters Zack who is a sight wielding mass murder. Well, it turns out since Rachel wants to die and Zack wants to escape the building, they end up striking a deal. Rachel will help Zack escape the building. Then once they are outside Zack equals finally kill Rachel. As messed up as it is. You got to give him credit for the originality. Zack and Rachel find the elevator and go up to the next floor where they encounter yet another murder but he seems to have an unknown connection to Rachel. This anime continues as Zack and Rachel climb floor after floor fending off the rest. Students that occupy them. Angels of death are like the tower of God for a few reasons. Neither protagonists can remember where they came from, and they slowly uncover their past as the story progresses, then Rachel begins at the bottom of the building, just like how BAM begins at the bottom of the tower, and they must use a mixture of wits and brute force in order to reach the top. I found angels of death to be very confusing, but it’s very possible that I just didn’t understand the story. It’s definitely not all bad as there was one floor in particular that really enjoyed it.

2. The Ones Within

The Ones Within
The Ones Within ( Source: )

Eight different streamers random Let’s play a game titled The ones within. As a reward for beating the game, they all end up being kidnapped and transported to an unknown location. After waking up and clearing the first challenge, they realize that each of them specializes in a different type of game. Then this alpaca mask-wearing person forms them that this is indeed real life. And you know what they say? If you die in real life, well, you die in real life. The only way to leave the game is playing through the levels until they reach 100 million views refusing to participate will end up with you being imprisoned until the others clear the game, which may never happen. Look, you got eight characters, your typical anime cliches who must work together to clear a deadly game, the ones within a similar tower of God due to the settings. In this anime, the characters have to clear the levels of the game, which is basically the same as BAM clearing the floors of the tower. Then in both anime, the challenges vary drastically, sometimes need more brute force while other times requiring more ingenuity This anime doesn’t do anything new or special, but it can be a fun show to watch if you just want to relax.

3. Tower of Druaga

Tower of Druaga
Tower of Druaga ( Source: )

The Summer of Anu has begun which means the demons residing within the tower have been significantly weakened. This time the army is planning to climb to the very top of the tower and defeat the monster draaga. Well, every good dungeon anime has to have a treasure which of course means adventurers will also be climbing the tower. Our story follows Gil, a young rookie adventure who dreams of becoming famous by finding the ultimate treasure. The blue crystal rod deal is a tank and just as you would expect, he forms a party with a group of misfits and they set off on their adventure to the tower. As you probably guessed, the Tower of Drago is on this list because it’s a magic fantasy anime all about climbing to the top of a dangerous tower.

4. Hunter X Hunter 2011

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter ( Source: )
The hunter exam is a primary focus of the early episodes of Gon, killua have to overcome the previous the perilous challenges of the hunter exam in order to obtain the prestigious and exclusive hunter license it’s a license that enables one to access aiman’s power and will gain exploration freedom and potentially carve a long-lasting impression in the world indeed the rewards are great but more so are the risks and responsibilities of becoming and being a hunter it’s interesting how hunter x hunter uses ambush combat failed exams as an essential call to its narrative nonetheless it’s clear that this show isn’t just about the hunter exam there is actually more to art than meets the eye the possibilities in this show’s world are endless yet they still manage to remain logical the world really is intricate it’s fun it’s full of tale and action.

5. Magi

Magi ( Source: )

Aladdin is a young magician who doesn’t remember his past but decides to begin exploring the world even though he’s never left his home. Aladdin’s only companion is Hugo, a powerful Jin. If he is able to summon using a flute since he doesn’t know any better, Aladdin tends to cause quite a commotion and winds up with a debt that he is unable to pay. Luckily, Aladdin made a new friend and Alibaba who just so happens to know a way to make enough money to pay off his large debt. All they have to do is successfully conquer the nearby dungeon. dungeons are a giant magical Labyrinth that is filled with dangerous monsters and puzzles, but the first person to clear a dungeon will be rewarded with powerful weapons and unimaginable wealth. The story begins with Aladdin and Alibaba struggled to conquer the dungeon. It should be pretty clear why Mowgli is like the Tower of God. Both anime revolve around a mysteriously powerful kid who can’t remember his past then said kid has to climb a dangerous and magical tower in order to reach their goal. Look, moggy is a fantastic anime that you definitely need to watch if you haven’t already.

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