Top 20 Most Popular Anime

Top 20 Most Popular Anime On The Planet

Top 20 most popular anime. For this list, we’ll be looking at the anime that are successful the world over, and ranking them on both their sale figures and just how beloved they all are within fan communities.

20. Sword Art Online

sword art online
The highest selling light novels of all time. One thing that gave the impression to translate to the primary season of the anime upon unleashing.

Trapped inside a virtual video game world players Kirito and Asuna have to drive this a gauntlet filled with enemy players monsters, and therefore the occasional awkward love scene.

Its immense polarization has only served to earn it more attention, which might explain how it landed itself a spin-off on an upcoming season.

19. Sailor Moon Franchise

Sailor Moon

It was the primary fortunate shoujo animator that hit western thought. The titular character is taken into account to be one of the best female superheroes of all time and has since ended as a benchmark for numerous other series that have followed in his footsteps.

So yeah, Sailor Moon is a big deal. And it seems that her empowering example to young girls remains nothing short of inspirational. Whilst the fight scenes and romantic components might still be enjoyed by lots of different demographics.

It’s a little surprise she and the rest of the century came back for an uncle 20 years later via Sailor Moon crystal.

18. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Nearly 1000 episodes under its belt over 20 movies and zero signs of slowing down. There’s only one truth and it’s that Conan’s crime-solving exploits are likely going to outlive us all soon.

Some Have a national treasure. It’s maintained its place as the fourth highest-selling manga of all time for a good whereas currently with over 200 million copies sold.

We’re not sure how many more crimes that the pint-sized detective will solve by this time. But given however there’s still no end in sight, the anime is bound to continue its steady stream of success.

17. Pokemon


Was started out as an innovative video game that managed to turn itself into a miniature Empire. One that spawned an anime series that somehow has found a way to keep going even to this day.

Hoping to be the best like no one ever wants to Ash ketchup him took the place of the plan as he sets out to become a Pokemon Master. Whilst he hasn’t quite managed to attain that title yet or escape puberty for that matter.

His adventures have still managed In lots of episodes, numerous female sidekicks, and pretty much the guarantee that sometimes quantity over quality will win the day.

16. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of the most influential and critically acclaimed mecha anime of all time. Neon Genesis Evangelion depicts the tribulations of Shinji Ikari as he’s forced to battle massive angels by his diabolical father.

Evangelion combines psychological examinations of its fundamentally flawed characters with some excellent mecha action and plenty of simple imagery.

This series introduces a whole new Generation two genre, earning its enduring popularity and a number of movies. And with Netflix currently holding its license.

15. Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise


Spending 20 years and counting yu-Gi-Oh and its various sequels focus on characters playing the Duel Monsters card game, in increasingly dramatic circumstances.

Although the cast’s very common themes and content include a young cast of characters battling with a card game with real stakes themes of friendship, as well as various ridiculous hairstyles.

That Saiyan card game and various video games and other merchandise have helped make you not just one of the most popular anime, but also one of the highest-grossing media franchises ever.

14. Gundam Franchise

Gundam has a much more storied history. A seminal mega-franchise, the Gundam series pioneered the genre by emphasizing more real-world science behind the fantastical concept of giant mecha suits and has been tremendously influential in anime.

Additionally, as different types of Japanese media remain going robust and creating history nowadays the word Gundam has become something of a byword for giant pilots and robots. And when the title of your franchise becomes synonymous with your genre, now it’s a popular gun.

13. Fate Stay Night Franchise

Fate Stay Night –

A massively successful multimedia franchise that began as a visual novel series. The fate franchise usually follows a succession of powerful mergers who engage in battles with one another, using summon spirits in order to attain the holy grail, which will grant them one wish.

The series has had a huge number of sequels, spin-offs, and titans across various media and the anime have proved especially popular. The top-notch animation and a wide variety of entry marks have made it a very accessible well-liked franchise and it doesn’t hurt the fake granddaughter.

12. Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

A tale concerning the titular society of mages, significantly Natsu dragneel and his team fairy tale follow the group’s adventures battling wicked mages demon dragons. And alternative foes all whereas becoming stronger and acting sort of dysfunctional surrogate family to at least one another.

Whilst in its earliest stages, some fans were critical this series has truly come into its own with its consistent comedic tone and its flashy animation. The fairy tale has truly gained many fans who have come to appreciate its own original brand of magic.

11. Tokyo Ghoul Series

Tokyo Ghoul

Set during a world with flesh-eating humanoid monsters called ghouls. Tokyo Ghoul follows a key student who becomes half-ghoul to survive an attack from one and receiving its organs in a transplant, can struggle to fit into both societies and his battles against particularly strong goals provide the fuel for the show.

The series is a dunk subject matter ghoul action and excellent animation has made it very popular as of late. Mean pretty much any hot topic store is 70% cool merged by those.

10. Code Geass

Code Geass

Exiled from his home of Britain. In Japan, which the nation has conquered, Lelouch seeks to instigate a rebellion and take revenge on his father and his homeland.

To accomplish this, he utilizes the show’s title ability Geass, to make anyone he sees do exactly what he tells him, as well as leading a rebellion as a must vigilante and a giant mecha.

Code Geass cast a wide net and has a little something for everyone, from Mega fans to fans of psychological battles to those who enjoy school anime, reeling them all in for one exceptional series. And with the revival movie on its way it appears chaos high is at an all-time high.

9. Dragon Ball Franchise

Dragon Ball

Redefining the west’s perspectives on how anchoring and animation go hand in hand. It’s fair to say that this series, especially in the case of Dragonball Z was something of a revolution for many, opening the gateway to the wacky, wild, and wonderful stories that can be found in anime.

Its impact certainly hasn’t been forgotten, which might explain why its sequel series draggable has managed to recapture the populaces iteration of Goku and his friends as they take on the minds of intergalactic combatants.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist Franchise

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

When the original series exploded onto the scene. It captivated fans everywhere with the Elric brother’s tale of redemption, the artistic portrayal of alchemy.

Then along came brotherhood and rammed everything up to 11 with a narrative much more akin to greater Hiromu Eriko his original work. Its philosophical views and amazing action scenes have cemented it as a top series that many anime lovers consider secret.

7. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
This series exploded onto the screen and almost instantly got itself a following of hardcore fans blending together visual action dunk Fonzie and mature elements that have continued to rattlers over the years.

Is humanity’s ongoing battle against the Titans has managed to carve itself a spot as a modern classic amongst anime lovers. The manga has sold over 71 million copies the world over.

6. Death Note

Death Note

The anime that struck gold with a single series. This legendary title managed to establish itself that’s one of the smartest and most beautifully crafted examples of the occult detective genre ever to be parts both on screen and paper.

After finding himself in possession of a notebook capable of taking the lives of genius sociopath students like Yagami, Light thinks the world by cutting away those.

He views as only to find himself brought into conflict with an intellectual equal known asLawliet, L. Both lead characters have answered such a profound impact that there are still some who see light mirrors actions as justified, Whilst others still insist L is the sexiest man alive.

5. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Anime

One of the newer anime sensations sweeping the world. My Hero Academia takes place in a very world wherever the general public has superpowers.

The story follows Midoriya, Izuku, a once powerless boy now granted one by his hero, and the adventures of him and his classmates on the roads are becoming professional heroes.

Whilst its superhero route certainly makes it easy to get into, My Hero Academia expertly balances a launch cast of diverse and unique characters, exciting, emotionally satisfying action, and an intriguing current plot regarding the character of valorousness creating for a frantically addicting anime.

4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Superheroes have to be so serious, someone may look goofy and unimpressive, and he becomes a superhero for fun, but it just so happens he’s the strongest one alive.

His ability to defeat nearly any opponent with just one punch in his disbelief and occasional admiration as his attempts to 10 Pro leads to many intense and often funny battles.

The series is a wonderful contrast between serious action and comedic moments is emphasized through superb animation and expertly crafted fight scenes. And being featured on both Netflix into Tonami in the States. It’s no surprise it became thus widespread.

3. Bleach


Supernatural Shounen battle series bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a human tin Soul Reaper, who has conflicts with otherworldly does take him and his friends into various dimensions of the afterlife.

The show’s stress on immature rebellion extremely strikes a chord with younger viewers, and it’s great to fight scenes and an enormous cast of characters and show the older demographics find something too.

Whilst bleach might have fallen off sharply in quality towards its conclusion. Its high-area units are still lovingly remembered by recent fans and gleefully discovered by new ones, all of which are praying for that continuation series.

2. Naruto Series


It was saturated with filler episodes, gained infamy for a number of narrative selections, and had a hero who was likable around 50% of the time yet through it all.

The knuckleheaded ninja persisted to grant us a series that despite its flaws, created a world full of such with so many brilliant moments. The fans were more than happy to push past their hurdles.

The manga remains the best-seller, it managed to dish out an entire slew of original movies, and even got itself a sequel series that has amazingly managed to capture some of the best parts of the original.

1. One Piece

One Piece

It’s the best-selling manga of all time, barely entered the last third of its epic narrative adventure story, and somehow managed to mix batshit insane fight scenes with political poignant commentary coming to me where they’re coming.

They’re coming to rescue me to say that this property may be a masterpiece would be an understatement. Thankfully, the crazy quality of the width hasn’t only into a diehard set of loyalists fans, who wait on each new chapter and an episode like hungry wolves but the way it has bypassed all manner of show.

And conventions have made it a gold standard for all adventure anime that have come after, it will be a truly sad day when Louie has to hang up his hat.

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