How Did Hashirama Die ? First Hokage Death Revealed

Hashirama Senju

When discussing Naruto, we will discuss memories and having fun. It is clear that Naruto will be a topic of disappointment when it comes to. It is because even though the story has ended. Many important details remain unanswered, including how Hashirama Senju died.

How did Hashirama die? Let’s discuss one of the most common questions in the Naruto fandom. Although Naruto has over 700 episodes, there are still some questions.

One episode deals with the death of Hashirama Senju of the First Hokage. He was the God Shinobi. The author left some major details of the series uncovered throughout the series. This allowed fans to express their opinions and helped keep the legend alive.

This is what great mangakas and other writers think about when they decide not to reveal certain moments.

Let’s now look at the legend of Hashirama Senju, the undefeated shinobi God. How did Hashirama die? Although it was not clear how Hashirama died.

It is evident that no other shinobi could have given him a life-threatening challenge in his time. I won’t go into detail about how many times Hashirama was killed. Let’s now take baby steps to unravel the god shinobi’s death.

How did Hashirama die?

As I mentioned, only a few shinobi could bring Hashirama down in his time. Madara was actually killed by the first Hokage in his last battle. The first Hokage Hashirama died in battle.

1st Hokage Hashirama Senju

Hashirama’s death was caused by his body and the power that he held. Hashirama was born during the war era when five nations were fighting one another. Some clans, like Uchiha and Senju, hated one another.

Hashirama survived and became known as the Shinobi God for the power he possessed. Hashirama’s life force chakra was the reason he could win his many fatal and devastating battles against the Uchihas and other nations.

His chakra was so powerful and immense that it could heal any deadly or severe injury. Hashirama also used an innumerable number of abilities, including the genjutsu that the Uchihas are famous for.

His healing abilities were among the most remarkable of his powers. Hashirama has healed himself in battle without ever waving his hands. Since the birth of the first Hokage in the age of war. He has always fought for his safety, using his powers.

Many of his powers and life chakras were used to heal him. This led to him losing his life force, which would have allowed him to live longer and die as a middle-aged man. Age, old, and passing on the title of Hokage to his younger brother Tobirama.

The Hashirama was actually killed three times if we count. His actual death was when he was a middle-aged man playing with his granddaughter.

He died in her bed. Orochimaru invaded Konoha Village for the first time and revived the First Hokage and the Second Hokage. Orochimaru had the Senju brothers under his control and forced them to fight against the Third Hokage.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage and used a prohibited Jutsu called “Reaper’s Death” to kill Sarutobi.

Orochimaru revived the First Hokage Hashirama at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, along with Tobirama and his brother Tobirama. When the war ended, the revived Jutsu was released, and he was again dead. The First Hokage Hashirama could not be killed, and his powers were enough to cause his death.

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