How To Choose A Stroller For Twins

Choose A Stroller For Twins

When choosing a stroller to carry twins, you should consider at least three factors. You can adjust the stroller to suit your needs and situation.

Select the type of tandem or side-by-side

There are two types of strollers available for twins: side-by-side or tandem. Each stroller has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the following discussion for more information.

Tandem type: Suitable for use in public transport and elevators

Vertical twin strollers allow the baby to be seated in the front or behind each other. Because the width of this stroller is similar to a one-baby stroller, it is ideal for public transport and elevators. We recommend the vertical version if you live in an apartment or travel frequently out of town.

If you use an elevator a lot, the vertical version should be used with a length of around 100 cm. This will make it easier for the stroller to maneuver in tight spaces.

There are two types of vertical strollers. There are two types of vertical strollers: one with the same height seat and the other with a front and rear. The other type, both top, and bottom has a higher back position.

The rear seats in the top-down model have a wider field of view due to their higher position than the rear seats. This is why this type is best for children prone to cramming into the front seats because of the blocked view.

Side-by-side type: For those who live in housing and travel by private vehicle

A horizontal twin stroller, also known as a side-by-side stroller, allows you and your baby to be next. This will make it much easier to care for your babies. Many products can be used horizontally for newborns. This type is not suitable for all situations and circumstances due to its enormous shape.

This type is recommended if you live in an area with wide roads, such as a residential area. This type is also available if you drive your car and often don’t use an elevator.

Avoid choosing a stroller too large as it can make your life more difficult later. Opt for a stroller that measures approximately 80 cm to make it easier to use the elevator.

Prioritize lightweight and foldable for ease of use

Check the safety standards

We recommend that you opt for a compact-sized product, regardless of the type. This is especially important if you have limited space. These products will make it easy to transport them while on the move. Make sure the product’s folded size fits into the trunk or door of your uppababy car seat.

We recommend choosing a lightweight stroller that can be folded. A stroller that can be easily lifted with one hand would be ideal. The recommended stroller weight is approximately 10 kg.

The stroller’s weight is directly related to its strength. Even if you are looking for a lightweight product, make sure to check the balance of your train body.

Because the vertical type has a long back and front, this should be considered. The frame may become weak and cause the carriage to be bent. If this happens, the wheel will not move in the desired direction. To make it easier to turn, you should choose a car that isn’t too long and has a heavy-duty frame.

This is not easy to determine by simply looking at the product. It is essential to test your product before you buy it.

Pay attention to the stability and security levels.

Stability for the baby is guaranteed by using a stroller. Here are some considerations when selecting a stable stroller.

Stability is excellent with big wheels and double tires.

Stability is important for a baby’s safety. If you are purchasing the side-by-side type, make sure to choose solid tires. This will prevent the stroller from tipping when there is just one baby.

Because they increase stability, large tires of around 15 cm in diameter are recommended. These tires are also easy to pass through drainage holes and speed bumps. The size and weight of the carriage body will affect the size and shape of the tire. When choosing a carriage, consider the weight and size of the product.

Even though they are small, uppababy vista v2 strollers with smaller tires can still be comfortable to use. If you are having trouble finding a product with oversized tires, this product is an option.

Check the safety standards

SNI (Indonesian National Standard), a certification and award that certifies products made in Indonesia, is a safety and quality standard. This SNI is not usually mentioned on twin stroller products like other products.

When choosing a twin stroller, consider SNI and the US safety codes (AS/NZS Code) and European safety standards (US, Australian, New Zealand, and European). If you want to ensure safety and quality, this is a must-have.

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