Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Anime Reveals Date

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

The official website to promote the adaptation into anime of the manga illustrated and written by Satoshi Mizukami, Hoshi no Samidare ( Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer ), the first promo video of the project was unveiled. This video confirms that the debut will take place in Japan on the 8th of July.

The project is a reworking of the original story. Mizukami first began writing the series with Shonen Gahosha in the Young King Ours magazine in April 2005. He stopped it in the year 2010. Mizukami later published the manga.

Spirit Circle manga in May of 2012 between March 2016 and May 2012. Then came the Planet With manga from April 2018, and it is now in the final cycle. The manga inspired the anime adaptation in July 2018.

Summary Hoshi no SamidareLucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Anime

A few days later, a college student Yuuhi Amamiya is contacted by Sir Noi Crezant. Crezant immediately tells an epic tale: the powerful wizard Animus will destroy Earth by using his “biscuit Hammer,” an enormous device that hovers over the Earth’s orbit. Earth’s only hope is the Princess, and her Beast Knights, whose mission is to defend the Princess and take on Animus.

Yuuhi is selected as his Lizard Beast Knight and, regardless of his doubts, is forced to fight against a golem crafted by the magic caster.

His life is saved through his neighbor, princess Asahina Samidare, who swears that he will be loyal to her. But, she is not planning on keeping the Planet in any way. She informs Yuuhi about her motives for herself: to stop Animus from destructing Earth to wipe out the Earth with her means.

The two continue to fight back against the golems of Animus while they watch the rest of the Beast Knights slowly gather and discover how to harness their power. But, it is up to Yuuhi to decide if he will follow the plan of Asahina, who he is becoming closer to, or helps save his fellow creatures on Earth. He will have to be honest with himself and decide where his loyalty lies in this process.

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