Top 10 Shh! Anime Snake Girl Will Make You Statue

Anime Snake Girl

The anime snake girl looks gorgeous and lovely. The snake characters are considered to be very loosely.

Snakes are anthropomorphic. They can speak or be typical snakes. Some of these girls are Lamia and some can transform into a snake. The term Lamia is the characters that possess the lower part of their snakes, and the top part is from the individual.

Beautiful Snake Anime Girls (# 1 Will Make You Statue)


1. Miia


Anime: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

Miia a snake girl is the main character, of the Monster Musume series a Half-snake Lamia. She relocated to Kurus within Kurus’ Cultural Exchange Between Species program. After a few hours of being together, Miia was completely over him.

Every time she calls him Dear, even when speaking to strangers. Miia is a lively and fun girl who displays passion in every circumstance. She is experiencing strong romantic feelings towards Kurus.

Miia is constantly trying to charm him. Sometimes, she is jealous of other girls. More potent than regular people. Able to climb up a tree with ease. Like all reptiles, Miia is cold-blooded.

2. Jashin-chan

Jashin Chan

Anime: Dropkick On My Devil! (Jashin-chan Dropkick)

Snake anime girl Jashin-chan is a proud demon of high-level familiarity with Yurine Hanazono. In constant pursuit of plans to kill his lover so that she can return to Hell.

Jashin-chan can regenerate. So regardless of how she screamed at Yurine and mocked her, she is not going to die. She doesn’t wear clothing, aside from two blue bows that she secures two tails on the side of her head.

Her body merges into the length of a serpentine tail, which is surrounded by the addition of an oversized coat of skin. The signature move of her is the dropkick that she executes using the crooked tail. She constantly solicits cash from Medusa.

3. Saphentite Neikes

Saphentite Neikes

Anime: Monster Girl Doctor (Monster Musume no Oishasan)

Saphentite is Glenn Leitbyt ‘s childhood friend and assistant. She’s a diligent worker. However, she is prone to allowing jealousy to rule her. Always cautious of Glenn, and, evidently she feels unrequited love for Glenn.

Her family is known for its pharmacists and assassins. In an agreement between monsters and humans to develop the trade route. Glenn and Safi were raised together to ensure the deal would succeed.

4. Ririko Kagome

Ririko Kagome

Anime: Rosario To Vampire

Ririko is a teacher of The Mathematical Sciences of the Academy. In proper form – anime serpent chick “Lamia”. She is a  harmless girl. Ririko Kagome dressed in a white blouse and a mini-skirt that had socks.

Her outfit is not a cover for her gorgeous appearance, which is an object of fascination for the male portion of students. She also envies the female portion, especially Kurumu.

Ririko Kagome provides private lessons for those who fail in her field and often exposes her tendency to be sadomasochistic. This snake girl is known for her habit of – when she is threatened, she says words using syllables.

5. Azami


Anime: Mekakucity Actors

Azami is Shion’s mother and her creator for her Heat Haze world. Hair grows snakes from her, each with distinct abilities.

At first, she treated people with suspicion and distrust until she came across Tsukihiko, who she was in love with and from whom she had an infant daughter.

Soon after birth, Shion Azami begins to realize how short the human lifespan is. Not wanting to accept this, she decides to make her world “Heat Haze,” where her entire family will be able to live forever in peace and harmony.

However, after having created the world, She found herself then forced to go into it by herself. Resigned from the Heat-Haze universe as she lost control of the situation. She was unable to end the involvement of the people who perished on August 15th in the Heat-Haze Dau.

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6. Kinana – Vermin Anime Young Lady


Anime: Fairy Tail

Kinana is a Member of the Fairy Tail guild. In contrast to the fellow members, she was a worker and not a mage. As a youngster, the evil wizard transformed Kinana into a snake.

After Makarov discovered her and realized she was actually human. She reverted to her human form and then left her in the guild to see whether her memory returned.

In one way or another, the snake girl can not seem to remember she was once a snake. In recent times, however, Kinana’s memories of being a snake are beginning to return.

In these, she hears an individual’s voice, and they ask to listen to her thoughts.

7. Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Nadeko Sengoku is the main character in the Bakemonogatari anime story.  A vermin teenager Nadeko, a high school student, has been an acquaintance of one of their sisters Koyomi Araragi. She is also familiar with him.

A jealous classmate placed an evil curse on her that quite accidentally proved to be true. To get rid of the curse, Nadeko did a series of sacrificial rituals in the temple of the god of snakes, which resulted in the killing of many snakes.

But, this only increased the curse, because of which Nadeko was close to dying. Koyomi Thanks to Meme Oshino was capable of saving Nadeko. A little bit in love with Koyomi and calls him his brother.

Nadeko Sengoku is very secure with her hair, especially her forelocks, believing that they are hers to guard over her pants. When she finally put her forelocks on during Nisemonogatari.

Koyomi commented that she looked like a snake, foreshadowing the tale that would follow Nadeko.

8. Cyan Sung-Sun

Cyan Sung Sun - anime snake girl

Anime: Bleach

Cyan is the 56th Arrancar in the army of Sosuke Aizen in addition to Frassion Tyr Harribel. A thin snake girl with long, olive-colored eyes and thick hair.

The stigma of her is three pink dots that are located just under her left eye. Her eyes are light blue-gray. The remnants of Cyan’s mask are like hairpins to the right on her bangs.

Her look comprises white dresses with large sleeves that have slits and a fluffy collar. The dress also has two wide belts that cross her waist. The exact location of her space is not known. In her role as an adjuchas, she was like a gigantic snake with black eyes and pink.

In nature, she is a peaceful, mature, and smart girl. She frequently suggests that Apacci and Mila Rose calmly stop their arguing in which they usually react with angry snark.

The girl snake is fond of covering her mouth with the long sleeves of one of them. And giving a frank look when her fellow fighters encounter a fighter’s hand.

9. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon

Anime: Soul Eater

Medusa Gorgon is an Academy medical doctor and witch who is driven by her dreams. As with Stein, She is also obsessed with experiments. Besides, she seems to be more preoccupied with global themes and magic than the inside.

The full title of her name is Medusa Gorgon which refers to the ancient Greek Medusa Gorgon. There isn’t much known regarding the witch. However, she is mighty and is only marginally weaker than Stein.

Medusa is a fan of mathematical patterns in any object. Most of her attacks are patterns woven from the darkness. Medusa prefers to stay behind the shadows without publicizing her activities. And even when she is exposed to the world, She transforms into an unrecognizable appearance without altering her appearance.

A simple change in clothing can result in a dramatic result. Thus, Medusa worked as a nurse at the Academy in the interest of espionage, of course.

A part of Medusa’s magic is hidden within the snake-like tattoos that are visible on both arms. Which is composed of dots. The mantra reads Nake Snake Koba Kobabra.]

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10. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Anime: One Piece

Boa Hancock’s birthplace was at the foot of Amazon Lily, in Calm Belt. At the age of twelve and her two siblings Boa Marigold and Boa Sanderson, She was snatched from a ship. Then sold into the hands of the inviolable tenryuubito world aristocracy and descendants of the Founding Fathers of the current world order.

As with all slaves, that became the belonging of the tenryuubito. Boa Hancock identified with Boa Hancock branded with the Paw of the Flying Dragon seal, which signified her position as a slave as a living creature belonging to the aristocrats.

Through the years that ruled by slavery. The upcoming Empress of the Pirates endured an awful amount of disappointment, humiliation, and even despair.

Then, four decades later, the legend fish-man known as Fisher Tiger came to Marijua to rescue his family members from slavery. However, when she started to free his fish-man slaves, she also granted liberty to all slaves.

In the revolt of slaves at Marijois, the Boa sisters fled slavery. The sisters came across Nyon’s grandmother, the Amazon-Lily’s former Empress Gloriosa, who was a refugee and assisted in returning to her home and came up with a plausible story to conceal the shameful history.


Those are the anime snake girl characters that have the look of a snake, for example, snake eyes, spots of scaly skin around the body, snake’s mouth, and so on. It also includes mythological serpentine races.

Youkai gods, demons, and other creatures of myth. According to mythology, are linked to snakes. They should be existing. In the actual work, they do not have to conform to their actual appearance.

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