Anime School Teachers Character Types

Anime School – Teachers

Anime School Teachers 302 –
Just as varied as the students, teachers in anime have their own personality categorizations.
Anime School Teachers 074 –
Takahata-sensei is the caring, knowledgable kind, but like Miss Kazame, he too has a secret to hide.


Anime School Teachers 290 –
Rebecca Miyamoto’s secret is no secret… she’s an 11 year-
old college graduate teaching in a high school.
Anime School Teachers 301 –
Negi Springfield is also a gifted kid teacher, but he DOES have a secret to keep hidden… well, at least he tries to keep hidden.


Anime School Teachers 034 –
Mika-sensei only LOOKS like a little kid, but the fact is she’s really 27. She has that developmental discrepancy that stops her from growing beyond a pre-teen.
Anime School Teachers 079 –
Honda-sensei has no quirks whatsoever, he’s just a regular 100% normal guy. He’s a very tough teacher, but he genuinely cares about the success of his students.


Anime School Teachers 247 –
Of course… for every dedicated teacher, there’s gonna be
at least one slacker.
Anime School Teachers 287 –
Igurashi-sensei isn’t lazy, she’s just hungover from all the
booze she injests each morning before class.


Anime School Teachers 445 –
Some teachers try to be a little TOO friendly with their
students, like Mitsuka-sensei at Koharu High School.
Anime School Teachers 453 –
Shikijou-sensei is an extreme case… she has an unusual crush on just one student in particular.


Gym teachers
Gym teachers get zero respect.
Anime School Teachers 306 –
At least they seem to enjoy their jobs.


Anime School Teachers 058 –
In military training schools, the instructors there seem
sweet and caring.
Anime School Teachers 109 –
And then some others are tough, but fair… though just as caring about their students’ success.


Anime School Teachers 229 –
Of course, maybe you’d think a sensei in a ninja training
the school would be more calm and self-disciplined.
Anime School Teachers 304 –
Hey Onsakumaru, keep it down!! Nonoka-sensei is trying to teach!!

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