Students Types In School Anime

Students Types In School Anime

Character Types – Students

When watching various anime, you’ll start to notice after a while that it seems as though each character fits into a certain mold. Though the combinations of different archetypes appearing as part of the cast may vary between each series, most individuals in the main circle of characters can be categorized into one (or in some cases, more) of the following:

Main/New Kid/Common Sense Talker/The Only Sane One

Anime School Students 090 –
Not necessarily the “leader” or the “star”, the girl in this category is usually the one with the most influence over the rest of the cast.
Anime School Students 169 –
In some cases, this girl has some anime-ish oddity that sets the tone for the whole show… like Yurie who became a Shinto goddess.


Anime School Student 124 –
The girl who’s new to a school fits mainly into this category. We follow her as she learns the ropes and delves more and more into the depths of how the school functions.
Anime School Student 071 –

Or sometimes she’s the only one who realizes the nonsense going on around her… like Kagami who is easily frustrated by the weird things the other girls do.


Anime School Student 264 –
Mai is a combination of main-star, new-girl, and girl with odd
powers… but at Fuuka Academy, she’s not so different than
the others.
Anime School Student 215 –
Now if you wanna talk different, you look at Hazumu, who’s a
boy who was accidentally turned into a girl by aliens. So even
though he hasn’t changed schools, he’s still treated as the new kid.


Anime School Student 179 –
Speaking of aliens, Narue is one “foreigner” who doesn’t
hide her unearthly secret.
Anime School Student 217 –
Or Nana who has seven secrets to share and tries her
hardest to keep others from finding out.


Anime School Student 218 –
Man, aliens are everywhere in anime.
Anime School Student 245 –
Shima hasn’t met any aliens, but she IS aboard a space colony.


Anime School Student 364 –
Rino is just plain excited to be going to a new school.
Anime School Student 389 –
Although Ichika could use a little more excitement in her life.


Anime School Student 435 –
Another anime staple is schools where students go to learn magic combat skills, like Guarderobe’s newest recruit, Arika.
Anime School Student 436 –
And magic schools where students like Haruhi go to train and build up their spell-casting powers.


Supportive Best Friend

Anime School Student 226 –
Kaede is the perfect best friend.
Anime School Student 201 –
And Hitomi ain’t too shabby, either.


Anime School Student 243 –
The best friends usually aren’t a major part of the plot, but rather act as sounding boards to listen to the main
character’s thoughts.
Anime School Student 369 –
They can offer advice and support, but rarely actually do
anything proactive. They tend to pop in from time to time to check up on things that are going on.


Anime School Student 084 –
Yui is more of a passive friend, offering advice and wisdom without actually getting involved in the action.
Anime School Student 246 –
Yayoi, on the other hand, is very proactive and is always
offering her help whenever possible.


Anime School Student 322 –

Kayo is a freshman, so she’s learning the new school just
the same as everyone else.

Anime School Student 244 –
The same goes for Arisa Glennorth.


Anime School Student 383 –
Manatsu-chan is the stern warner of tragedy and presents a more interactive form of assistance, though she never actually interferes with Ichika’s choices. She just lays out the choices with their respective consequences.
Anime School Student 427 –
Anri Hiiragi is an interesting best friend. Though she is best friends with Haruhi, she also doubles as her biggest rival. But sometimes that’s okay; nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to help each other grow stronger.



Anime School Student 135 –
Tsundere characters are an interesting sort in anime.
Anime School Student 073 –

As the definition goes, they are rough and tough on the outside…


Anime School Student 065 –

… but sweet and caring on the inside.

Anime School Student 391 –
They’ll never openly admit it to anyone, though.



Anime School Student 068 –Miyuki says every anime needs smarty-pants. Anime School Student 203 –
Yuki silently agrees.


Anime School Student 233 –
Whether it’s someone to correct obvious mistakes…
Anime School Student 235 –

…or someone to come up with ingenious schemes.


Anime School Student 220 –Sometimes it’s just someone to lead the rest of the class
Anime School Student 001 –

Or leave everyone else in the dust. The class geniuses serve multiple roles and contribute much to the plot at hand.


Anime School Student 249 –
Some are really good studiers, like Yomi.
Anime School Student 242 –Though many just have naturally high IQs, like Irina-chan.


Anime School Student 300 –Others are bookworms, like Tabitha. Anime School Student 163 –

While the rest are obnoxious know-it-alls, like Ritsuko.


Anime School Student 138 –

Kyoko is more the geeky-type but has the nerd-look.

Anime School Student 234 –Ayano just kinda dresses geeky.


Anime School Student 066 –Notice something they all have in common yet? Anime School Student 106 –

They all have glasses… well, except Chiyo.


The Wild, Energetic Classmate

school011 –

In a generation stirred by sugar, it would be strange to not see at least one girl bouncing off the walls constantly.

Anime School Student 232 –

Here’s a screencap of one moment where Kobayashi isn’t running around yelling about money and dieting and whatnot.


Anime School Student 219 –

Of course, no one tops Himeko in overall snazziness.

Anime School Student 321 –Chitose wants to challenge that position, apparently.



Anime School Student 083 –

The polar opposite in terms of activity are the sweet girls.
They are usually gentle and mild-mannered.

Anime School Student 070 –Sometimes they do things that are clumsy or just plain dumb, but no matter what, you just can’t be mad at them.


Anime School Student 457 –
They could accidentally burn down your house and because of the way they’d apologize, you’d just end up hugging them and pinching their cheeks.
Anime School Student 209 –They’re kind of the wall-flowers of the class and sometimes very anxious and shy. They have very go-with-the-flow types of personalities.


Anime School Student 092 –
Some situations may make them anxious, but they tag
along anyway.
Anime School Student 277 –
And they always do it with an enchanting smile.

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