Anime Girl In a School Uniform

Anime Girl In a School Uniform


There is a blossoming attraction to anime girl in a school uniform these days. In the United States, the only remnants of schoolgirls in uniform are the Catholic schoolgirl-type encounters we may stumble upon from time to time, but in Japan school uniforms are standard fare for the large majority of public schools.

Whether it’s the association with youth, purity, curiosity, and/or inexperience or something more simple like appreciation for the clean-cut, orderly look and feel to a student body in unison, school uniforms have become wildly popular in the eyes of the older crowd.

There is pride in the look amongst the students themselves, of course. School spirit and the dignity of walking down the street proclaiming to the world which prestigious school you attend is the envy point of some anime characters.

How many times have we heard an anime girl say “I chose that school because the uniforms look cute”? And yes, they do. Let’s have a look…

School In Anime 015 –

Typical for most schools is to have different uniforms for
each season. Winter uniforms are heavier and better suited
to shield from the brisk cold.

School In Anime 143 –

While summer uniforms are made of lighter fabric and lighter
colors, usually the opposite of the winter colors, to keep
students from melting in the classroom.


School In Anime 041 –

As is no surprise either, girls are usually adorned in frilly,
puffy, more airy designs with bright, pretty colors…

School In Anime 042 –

…while boys get darker colors in more business-like attire,
which has been the traditional look for males for decades.


School In Anime 190 –

Forever popular will be sailor-fuku.

School In Anime 281 –

You don’t have to be so modest about it, Ruriko.


School In Anime 039 –

See? Miharu is displaying that shyness guys adore.

School In Anime 053 –

As well as the pleasantness emanating from Momoka.


School In Anime 170 –

Kamichu is a fan of sailor-fuku.

School In Anime 117 –

Same as This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.

Anime Girl In A School Uniform

School In Anime 260 –

Even the rural Kizaki High is in the sailor-uniform spirit.

School In Anime 134 –

Full Metal Panic took the basic idea but played around with it a bit.


School In Anime 317 –

Sumizuka High took the sailor-suit outline, but filled it in with
earth-tone colors.

School In Anime 237 –

As did Shana’s school in Shakugan no Shana, in this case, a
darker green as opposed to amber brown.


School In Anime 376 –

Sometimes different grade levels get different colors in their
outfits, like they do at Miyagami Academy.

School In Anime 454 –

No, it’s not Mahoro’s maid outfit that’s the school’s design, but
rather the sailor fuku Rin is wearing.


School In Anime 310 –
Enough of all these sailor fukus, let’s look at the other types.

School In Anime 112 –

The girls of Tokimeki Memorial have uniforms that are blends
between old-school sailor suits and new-age designs.

School In Anime 380 –

The uniforms in School Rumble bring us another type of
uniform… the white blouse underneath a vest.


School In Anime 036 –

The girls in DearS get to wear dress-coat jackets with short
skirts. Armfulls of melon bread are not standard.

School In Anime 086 –

And the girls of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru feature full-
body one-piece dresses.


School In Anime 186 –

Minagi Tohno from Air models the dresses from her school,
complete with a bow fixed around her lower back.

School In Anime 188 –

The students from Neon Genesis Evangelion show off their old-style dresses.


School In Anime 352 –

The school Ichika attends also features one-piece dresses.

School In Anime 411 –

Despite having various hair colors, the girls from Shuffle! all
remain uniform when in uniform.


School In Anime 076 –

The first version of Negima! has the Mahora girls in a
buttoned vest over a blouse above a monochrome skirt…

School In Anime 399 –

…while the second version puts the girls in blazers with the
school crest embroidered over the heart above a plaid skirt.


School In Anime 032 –

At Okitsu High School, both the male and female students
wear bright-blue suits.

School In Anime 381 –

Much similar to what is required at the Yamisaki Private Girls’ Academy.


School In Anime 236 –

The uniforms in Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl seem to be
an amalgamation of all the styles we’ve seen so far: a
high-cut vest with a school patch over a full dress-skirt.

School In Anime 458 –

It’s the same thing with North High. The girls have a modified version of the sailor-fuku with shoulder pelts extending all the way down to the waist with a belted skirt.


School In Anime 255 –

A different kind of school calls for a different kind of uniform;
the “maidens” of Guarderobe appropriately enough dress
like maids.

School In Anime 224 –

To no surprise, the students at Ro-gumi Ninja Training School
wear traditional martial-arts wardrobe, like Shinobu’s pink
kimono-type outfit complete with a headband.


School In Anime 257 –
There are a few schools that pick the brightest colors known to science, like Arisu’s uniform
from the anime, 
Kagihime Monogatari: Eikyuu Alice Rondo

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