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Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is considered one of the most famous actors in the Korean entertainment world. He is not only a good-looking guy but also a great actor and a much-loved person by every Koreans. He has a significant fan following worldwide including Asia and Western countries most notably the United States of America, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia. He is revered as a global actor by the media and fans. As a testament of Lee Min Ho, whose fame to start is never absent from list ranking the top Korean actors or most popular actors. The hard probe has made the top 20 South Korean may celebrities list created by CNN list that places him within the ranks of major actors like Jang Dong Dong, Joo Jin.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho ( Source: pinterest.com )

The actor-singer and model Lee Min Ho who born on the 22nd of June 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. Lee Min Ho is also known as long leg Oppa because of his height which is 184 centimeters or 6 feet 2 inches.

Lee didn’t want to be an actor since childhood, he always wanted to be a professional football player. He was selected by the youth football class but when he was in fifth grade an injury shattered the dream one more thing that became an obstacle for him as he had skinny leg so in his second year of LA the high school he sought to act. Lee min-ho still noted as a University student majoring in filmmaking but he is on a break because of his busy schedule Lee’s family doesn’t like media attention they like private life so his parent’s names are always kept secret. His father is a
businessman and mother is a homemaker. He has one elder sister named Leeyoung-Joon who also entered the entertainment world and CEO this current agency my own entertainment.
Lee started his mandatory military service in May 2017 but a major car the accident occurred and he could not serve as an active-duty soldier but again he started his military training in March 2018 and completed four weeks of public service as an active-duty soldier.

Lee started his career in 2003, his debut TV the show was sharp though, he noticed so many TV shows and ads but his major revelation Airy role which was also a turning point in his career was “Boys Over Flowers”.This was the ultimate show which raised his image sceptered by the mass audience and above all makes him a top actor it aired 2009 that audiences began taking a great interest in him. Despite pessimistic claims from entities that Lee Min Ho has explosive popularity will die down with the flower focus. The passionate actor has proven that he is no one-hit-wonder. He has successfully developed a stable career and continues to receive love calls from drama producers. And then he did not need to live back personal tastes City Hunter, fate, the legend of the blue sea, the air, the king eternal monarch, but a significant TV shows in his career the show’s made him successful as an actor and he became a valuable much-loved actor with a huge fan.
These following also brought international fame especially in Japan and China in 2013 please back statue unveiled in some hi at Madame Tussaud Museum his first debut action film was Gangnam blue. He became a successful action hero too because after this film he got another action-comedy movie bounty hunters 2013 was a lucky year for Min Ho.

He released his first-ever album my everything no other Korean celebrity was as fortunate as Lee Min Ho to perform at a near gala in China

Personally, he is very shy in nature but he loves to watch movies, traveling, watch games. His love for saucer is still. There his favorite football player is Frisian and Ronaldo, recently he develops a love for cooking but he loves to eat more. His favorite dish is grilled made. He loves to watch thriller dramas and movies on any occasion or holidays fleece stays at home and spends time with his pet dog named choco in a show ho a lot but choco is close to his sister. He said also while staying at home, he loves to sleep and sing but surprisingly this action hero doesn’t know how to him in an interview he was asked to who would he rescue if any of his three friends are drowning. He replied that he cannot swim. Currently is a resident of Seol.

He bought an expensive apartment for himself and his family where his parents and sister live support from houses. He also owns a couple of expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz, CLS 350 400 million won
Korean currency. His net worth is 12million u.s. dollar his salary per episode of $2,000 currently.

Lee is dating Suzy. He says that he can run away with her, his former partner was Kim minjung doli is seen as very comfortable with a romantic scene but the true fact is he is very shy in nature and prefer manly alliance and dialogue. She tries to avoid she’s an alliance in any drama or moving they start learning English after opening social media accounts though he is really twitting or replaced to his fan.

He got so many offer from Hollywood but did not accept any of them as he thinks the time has not yet come to take the challenge in his entire career. He has heard only one rumor or gossip that is heated plastic surgery but the true fact is he did not. Another interesting fact is he has embedded means he has no difficulties in writing with both the left and right hand, believe it or not, Lee Min Ho who loves when people praise him and call him handsome though he used to say a lot more people are more handsome than him. Once he was asked if he rebirths again what does he want from his previous life. he replied he wants his face back and wants to be on his twenty continually forever. He’s fond of himself and he finds nothing wrong with it.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho ( Source: pinterest.com )

He loves to spread smile and love every fan meeting. Lee talks about smiling happiness and love he accepts every gift that he’s given by his fans. Once they said that he is very melancholic and very sentimental when it is autumn but he doesn’t know by most of his fans are not only like his acting on looks but also loves his voice living a disciplined life slipping regularly and receiving criticism from singer friends is the secret of his good voice. Lee is the most loved inspirational influencer personality in Korea and all over the world of Korean Wave but his biggest inspiration is his mother. He did not choose to give up during multiple rejections from different audiences mainly because of his mother.

He said “I’m not gifted in any way artistically I have no confidence in anything outside of acting and not that type is this Imams up courage I want to just do what I am confident of and good at when I was going through bad time kept getting rejected at auditions I was able to walk hard and not fall into despair because of my mother. She always taught me to keep trying”.

He worked hard and got the recognition by receiving various awards. He got more than 90 Award nominations and several wins. He wins the 23rd KBS best new actor award and couple award fourth Korean drama top excellent actor award for City Hunter and Hollister award. Also won as best drama award in a different category and many more award. Lee is not only an actor but also associated with social and humanitarian work. He was an honorary ambassador for UNICEF’s love net campaign to fight malaria in 2015. Lee denied 100 million won to UNICEF to aid victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Lee set up the promise website to the fundraising platform to raise awareness and encourage donations for social and Human Terrain causes. Lee, who has played a various role in different Korean dramas and films, he has played a hunter a rich Polly Nia a lover with that, he has gained fame and success in the entertainment industry. The richest and expensive actively is currently busy with the serial, the king eternal monarch screening on Netflix and creating a buzz everywhere, In this pandemic situation Lee Min Ho has done what he should one of the standards in that long list of names is acting. Lee Min Ho who donated 300 million won to eight different organization fans from all over the world still has great hopes that they would see more of the actuality and brilliance when it comes to the field deadly chosen.

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