Mappa Confirms Chainsaw Man Anime Will Come Uncensored

Chainsaw Man Anime

The Anime Expo this year has provided many surprises for pop culture fans, particularly manga and anime. The event announced the Solo Leveling anime adaptation and shared details about the Chainsaw Man anime to air this year.

Mappa’s production crew were present at the event and answered the question Chainsaw Man fan around the globe wanted to know: Will the Chainsaw Man animation come with censorship?

We all know that the Chainsaw Man manga has a dark theme and scenes of bloody battles. Some sets by Tatsuki Yamamoto include scenes featuring vulgar female characters.

The good news is that the production team said they would present the raw content in a similar format to the manga. He also ensured no censorship and that the manga was as authentic as possible.

Manabu, CEO of Mappa, could not release any further information due to unfinished material. Otsuka, however, will be providing the latest information about the Chainsaw Man anime. At the Crunchyroll Expo, August. He also promised to show a better trailer for his fans.

Chainsaw Man Anime

These are interviews about the Chainsaw Man anime, which will be at Anime Expo 2022.

  • Does Fujimoto (manga writer) participate in anime production? “We work closely with him. This should be an accurate representation of the manga. His expertise in the selection of voice actors was invaluable.
  • Which is your most significant advantage when producing the series? “The CEO at studio MAPPA is a big fan of manga. He himself maintains an anime of an impressive standard, something that all viewers can enjoy.”
  • It was also revealed that the anime series would feature original scenes. CEO Mappa’s favorite character in the series is “Power”.

The 2022 release of Chainsaw Man has been confirmed. The 2nd part in the Chainsaw Man manga series will be published on July 13, 2022. Anime fans have not received any updates beyond the trailer and main visual. The anime’s release date has been set for this year.

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