Shin Ikkitousen Anime Reveals Promotional Video

Shin Ikkitousen

The official website for the TV anime adaptation of Shin Ikkitousen’s manga released its latest promotional video last Friday. The staff also revealed the broadcast schedule for the anime.

Ikki Tousen is a Martial arts manga by Yuji Shiozaki. From April 2000 to August 2015, this comic was published by Comic Gum. Several anime adaptations have been made before for the Ikki Tousen series.

Most Recent Shin Ikkitousen TV Anime Details

We have information that the action anime will debut on May 17, and there will be 3 episodes. The first episode will air on March 27. The theme song will be Proud Stars.

Rion Kujo is the director, and Masaya Honda writes and supervises the series script. Rin-Sin, Tsutomu Miyazawa, and Rin-Sin are character designers. Yasuharu Takanashi composes the music and Studio Arms.

Summary Ikkitousen Anime

Seven high schools are fighting for dominance in the Kanto region. These students were among a few who had sacred beads. Their magatama contains the soul warriors who fought during China’s Three Kingdoms Era.

They are blessed with the beautiful abilities of their bond. However, they also have the curse of being cursed by the fate of past warriors. Hakufu Sonsaku was one of these students. She is a young, caring, and stupid girl who just transferred to Nanyo Academy.

Hakufu’s arrival causes tension due to his strength as a fighter and the possibility that Sun Ce, the Chinese warlord, is carrying him. Nanyo’s most powerful fighter.

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