TOHO Releases Teasing Master Takagi-San’s Movie Trailer

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-San

TOHO Animation has released the trailer of Teasing Master Takagi’s film Gekijoban Karakai Jozu Takagi-san. It was released on Monday. On June 10, the film opens in Japan. TOHO has already released teasers, but this trailer is the first.

Teasing Master Takagi, the director of the film, was also the main staff. Hiroaki Akagi directs, and Aya Takano handles character design. Hiroko Fukuda and Aki Itami write the script. Kanichi Katou is the director.


The story of Nishikata (anime ) is about two schoolmates who tease one another at school. Despite the jokes, the characters seem like they are friends. The anime story is set in the classroom, but the movie will feature the summer vacation as the backdrop. Takagi and Nishikata find a kitten and decide to care for her together.

The anime Teasing Master Takagi-san, which is an adaptation of the manga of the identical name, has been published in Monthly Shonen Sunday since 2013. Panini in Brazil publishes Takagi: A Mestra das Pegadinhas. The anime Teasing Master Takagi-san can be viewed on Crunchyroll or Netflix.

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