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Users can submit recommendations, opinions, concerns, and more on the popular discussion site Reddit. It serves as a forum for interaction amongst people of all ages worldwide. Using Reddit to find your upcoming manga read is simple. Thousands of millions of Reddit users are eager to respond to your questions.

Here are a few Manga titles trending on Reddit this 2023 that you should check out on Mangaowl!
Mangaowl is a free web-based portal where you may safely and privately view all the comic series you enjoy.

1. Dorohedoro

Writer: Hayashida, Q
Illustrator: Hayashida, Q

Hole, an abandoned, decaying, and disorganized neighborhood where the powerful prey on the vulnerable and tragedy is commonplace is barely appropriate for its forename. It is free from morality and law, and the sorcery users who rule it utilize it as a trial field.

The spell users consider the residents of Hole to be little more than parasites despite being the group at the top of their civilization. The helpless residents of Hole are routinely slaughtered, dismembered, and used as experimental subjects without giving it a second thought.

Except for a handful, the magic users look invincible to most people since they have access to and from the filth and face no resistance to their control. One such person is the caiman, a reptile-like creature. He pursues them heedlessly in search of information using a reliable set of bayonets and his mystical resistance.

Magic practitioners are his last hope for returning to normality because he is plagued by his looks and tortured by nightmares. His female partner Nikaidou, who owns the eatery, Hungry Bug, is his staunchest partner because his tummy is his challenge.

2. The Fable

Writer: Minami, Katsuhisa

Illustrator: Minami, Katsuhisa

Notorious contract killer Fable has accomplished several assignments for different customers. After completing his most recent task, Fable’s supervisor orders him to stay quiet for a year since the number of individuals he has lately murdered has reached an unacceptable level.

It is claimed that he could learn something useful for his potential career by adjusting his lifestyle as a regular citizen. The lady who serves as Fable’s chauffeur will go with him, and the two will adopt a new identity as siblings. However, their supervisor forewarns them that if Fable murders anybody while on vacation, they will receive a fatal sentence. It marks the start of Akira and Youko Satou’s year-long break from the underground.

3. Battle Angel Alita

Writer: Kishiro, Yukito

Illustrator: Kishiro, Yukito

The ideal city of Zalem dominates the landscape as it climbs high in the sky. It has a foul basement called The Scrapyard below it, in which the city stores all of its trash. Humankind and humanoids can make a living by using whatever means possible among the enormous piles of garbage.

A doctor specializing in fixing cyborgs, Daisuke Ido, comes upon the head of a young girl cyborg while rummaging among an assortment of broken robot components. He gives her the name Gally and begins to make her a new body. Gally appears to have no memory of her previous existence upon awakening. But as far as she sticks at Ido’s side, she doesn’t seem to care.

Gally quickly learns, though, that Ido also works as a hunter-warrior, a hitman for the authorities of The Scrapyard. She chooses to transform herself despite Ido’s advice, reawakening her long-forgotten combat skills. Gally is eager to struggle through The Scrapyard’s alleyways and beyond, gathering pieces of her history to find who she is.

Trending Manga

4. My Broken Mariko

Writer: Hirako, Waka

Illustrator: Hirako, Waka

Mariko Ikagawa found comfort from Tomoyo Shiino after suffering from despair and maltreatment ever since she was a small child. It was the beginning of a connection that lasted until she was an adolescent. Shiino, a 26-year-old office worker, is perplexed when she overhears a news anchor saying that Mariko committed suicide.

Shiino first questions the news, but due to her inability to get in touch with Mariko, she embraces it and questions why Mariko committed herself. Shiino rashly takes Mariko’s bones from her evil father to rescue her. Reconciled with her close friend, Shiino visits a site Mariko had requested, reflecting on their pleasant times spent together.

5. Takopi’s Original Sin

Writer: Taizan 5

Illustrator: Taizan 5

A Happian, a squid-like entity, departs from his world to bring joy to all creation. He arrives on Earth but finds himself at imminent risk of being taken prisoner by its citizens. Fortunately, he is discovered by a stern young girl called Shizuka Kuze, who nourishes him and gives him the name Takopii.

Takopii uses all of his exertions to make her happy out of a sense of obligation to her. However, it is simpler said than done. Although the seriousness of these concerns passes past the innocent Takopii’s mind, Shizuka is mocked by her peers, she doesn’t have a dad, and her mom never returns home.

Chappy, Shizuka’s puppy, is the single thing that makes her cheerful. The bond they have only made Takopii want to cheer her up more. Takopii’s efforts to cheer Shizuka up have unforeseen results. He is driven to take matters into his own hands, put his understanding of individuals to the test, and spread joy.

6. Kimi no Koe

Writer: Morinaga, Miku

Illustrator: Morinaga, Miku

In the Taisho period, Kazunari Kyougoku is the manager of a continuously improving firm. He has begun to win favor with his competitors because of his unmatched ability to clinch any business he puts his mind to.

Given this pace, he can understand other people’s opinions. He achieved many things through negotiating. He can now see through several people’s falsehoods because of this talent, which makes him dislike others. Kazunari intends to marry the princess of the illustrious Suwabe lineage to further succeed in his company. After his proposal is approved, he learns more about the woman who will be his wife.

Nana Suwabe, the daughter, is speechless. Kazunari is happy to learn that he will need to listen to Nana’s internal voice and that he has this knowledge. But as quickly as he meets her, he cannot hear her ideas. Having spent his whole life listening to other people’s intentions, Kazunari gradually comprehends his partner’s actual sentiments and finds a happy tomorrow together.


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