Top 10 Adult Mature Anime That You Need to Watch Now

Goblin Slayer

Adult mature anime series seem to have a taste for some fan service. We cannot blame you because fanservice has almost turned into an integral part of any anime. It is mainly done to win the right audience or to break off the tension of the ark.

Overall, you can tell it exists because anime targets a teenage audience, but some shows go to the extreme with this concept even among these shows. And that is why once again, we’re bringing you another 10 adults mature anime series.

1. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heavens Lost Property - Adult Mature Anime
Heavens Lost Property

What would you do if a beautiful angel landed in front of you and called you her master? This angel, unfortunately, falls into the hands of a pervert named Tamaki Sakurai.

Tamaki uses the angel for his own purposes as a man who prefers some peace and quiet. Tamaki wants to keep the angel for himself. But before long, the consequences of his actions keep following him.

It is an anime show that uses fan service for comedic purposes. If you want to see Tamaki not having his peace, give this one a go.

2. High School DxD

High School DxD - Mature Anime
High School DxD

The story revolves around Issei Hyoudou, a sexually frustrated boy who finally gets a chance at redemption by having a girlfriend. Unfortunately, the poor sap is killed by his girlfriend, who happens to be a fallen angel sent to kill him.

Issei gets resurrected by an upper-class student named Rias Gremory and is actually a demon. He then gets him broad in a war between angels and demons as the servant of Rias.

The action in the adult mature anime is really amazing when two characters clash swords. The uncensored anime spins while zooming in and out; it makes it exciting to watch.

3. Ikkitousen

Ikkitousen - Mature Anime Tv Shows

Ikkitousen is a series about a battle royale between seven high schools in the Kanto region of Japan. The story follows Hakufu Sonsaku as she attends one of these schools in order to conquer the other school.

But don’t let the plot stop you because Ikkitousen mainly relies on its fan service. Such occasional scenes like bathhouse discussions of girls or clothes getting ripped off during battle scenes are nothing new to the anime series.

Overall this mature anime is an excellent combination of regular fan service and fantasy cliches with its own unique twist.

4. To Love Ru Darkness

To Love Ru - Best Mature Anime
To Love Ru

To Love Ru Darkness is a sequel to the original To Love Ru franchise, Where a shy high school student named Yuuki Rito meets Lala Satalin Deviluke. Lala is a girl from a planet of devils who runs from forced marriage.

Lala declares Yuuki as her true love, and later in Love Ru Darkness, her two sisters arrive to live with Yuuki. The specialty in this show is that instead of implicitly indicating a harem.

It explicitly shows it with younger sister Momo Belia encouraging Yuuki to marry every girl he wants.

5. Sekirei – Mature Anime Series

Sekirei - Best Mature Anime Series

Sekirei is a show where spirits known as Sekirei make contact with their masters known as Ashikabi to fight in a battle royale.

A Sekirei named Musubi falls into the hands of a boy named Minato and. Before long, the latter is dragged onto this battle royale. Now he needs to learn to survive life-threatening situations and all the girls who try to win his attention.

Part of it is a harem, another part of it is an ecchi battle royale. Overall the show’s excitement lies in its massive amounts of fan service and the twist that it pulls later on.

6. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers - Mature Anime Series
Ishuzoku Reviewers

The anime series talks about a human elf and angel who visits various brothels to review prostitutes and rate them. If it’s not getting obvious for you by now.

This mature anime tv show has massive amounts of fan service, making this anime blur the line between anime and hentai. But if you want some awkward sex comedy, then this is the show for you.

7. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindom - Adult Mature Anime
Seitokai Yakuindom

In Seitokai Yakuindomo, our main character Takatoshi Tsuda attends an Ousai academy, and a girls’ school is converted to a co-ed school. Now, this doesn’t happen because of a common reason. It’s because of the world’s declining birth rates.

Tsuda joins the student council and finds himself to be the only boy. It’s a story about their adventures or rather Tsuda’s adventures as he tries to cope with all the girls.

As usual, all the drama between girls and boys. Tsuda is trying to give his best to live among the girls without harming their privacy.

8. Freezing

Freezing - Most Mature Anime

Into a world of war has invaded by aliens from the planet Nova and the soldiers fighting them known as Pandora. They partnered with boys known as limiters.

The girls are genetically modified by using nova cells to battle to fight the aliens. The boy has a unique ability known as freezing, meet Brigitte el satellite. She is the most powerful Pandora in her class for who hasn’t yet chosen a male partner. She is a bit cold and can’t express herself.

Kazuya, who’s registered for school, decides to become a limiter. Against all the warnings from his friends and classmates. They work together to defeat classmates. Who are jealous of her abilities and who want Kazuya to be their limiter. Follow their adventures as they battle to retain earth from being a colony of Nova.

9. Prison School

Prison school - Best Mature Anime Series
Prison School

Based on the widely popular manga of the same name, this mature anime. Would rather be suitable for anyone with a masochistic desire. The only four boys in the Hachimitsu Private Academy are found out doing voyeurism in the school’s bathing area.

They are immediately sent to the school’s prison block, where vicious supervisors punish them in various ways. But to the surprise of the series protagonist Kiyoshi Fujino. All the other boys in the school turn out to be serious masochists as well.

The mature anime series garnered attention for using these masochistic tropes of the boys for comedic purposes. And, of course, pleasing the necessary audience with it.

10. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora - Top Mature Anime Series
Yosuga no Sora

This good mature anime has elements of the harem incorporated into it, and for any man, the possibility of the harem is a dream. In this series Haruka Kasugano whose parents passed away in a tragic accident.

Haruka takes his sister back to the countryside, where they used to visit their grandfather. Nothing’s changed in this neck of the woods. The good old memories in a silent atmosphere heal Haruka’s sadness.

However, his peaceful life gradually changes. The girls he had interpersonal relationships with during his childhood have all grown up. They get reacquainted in an exciting and comedic way; a few hate scenes are shown with them.

As they’re trying to get together with Haruka, most importantly, don’t forget his sister, who’s in love with him as well. This gives the anime to be laid-back, funny, and heartwarming about how our scars can heal with people around us.

11. So, I Can’t Play H ( Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai )

So, I Can't Play H - Mature Anime Tv Shows
So, I Can’t Play H

This is an anime depiction of what perversion and Tourette’s syndrome combined would look like. The main character Ryousuke Kago is a pervert of equal measure.

Ryousuke has no filter wherever comes to his mind he speaks, and it’s usually only dirty thoughts. His big-breasted neighbor is the one he has the most fantasies about as he walks home from school. He helps the girl out a grim reaper, Lisara Restall, and beholds the contracts with her.

Lisara is looking for a chosen one and needs energy from Ryousuke, which is his lusty spirit. When Ryousuke loses energy, Lisara does to Ryousuke becomes her retainer and has to ensure she has energy for all her battles.

Yet somehow, against all odds, Lisara manages to find a way to show her tits in every episode. Talk about fan service people genuinely appreciate the creator’s for this. This one is quick and easy to follow through up.

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12. The Testament of Sister New Devil ( Shinmai Maou no Testament )

The Testament of Sister New Devil - Adult Mature Anime
The Testament of Sister New Devil

Blended families can be tricky, and when Basara Toujou’s father tells him. He’ll be bringing him two sisters, Maria and Mio, and it’s a great surprise. Basara finds out that his sisters are a little bit different, though.

Maria is actually a succubus, and Mio is the heir to the recently deceased demon king. Maria happens to be the protector retainer of Mio. they both form a master/slave contract, but it backfires tremendously as Mio ends up as a slave in the contract.

Basara and his father are exorcisms from the hero clan. Whose job is actually to find and eliminate demons and their kind follow. This explicit story promises to keep your nose bleeding throughout. The series and learn more about the war within the two rival clans of the characters that make up both sides.

13. Triage X

Triage X - Best Mature Animes
Triage X

This anime goes it’s a production that fits the standard of Michael Bay guns explosions bombs. Mochizuki hospital is full of a beautiful nurse who takes care of their patients meticulously. However, behind this hospital is a vigilante organization is known as Black Label.

This organization is responsible for killing undesirable people in a society known as cancer. To prevent them from spreading their infection into society. This shows the fast-paced action, extra violent executions, and other creative ways to kill.

It is also highly sexual, with bar scenes involved while holding discussions about torturing people. Talk about turn-on. This is a giant mash-up of action stats with bike chases, crashing, buildings, explosions, biological weapons, and torture, among more.

If you’re a fan of action sequences and performed by sexy women in skimpy clothing, more importantly. This anime is for you to give it a try.

14. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis - Top Mature Anime Series
Kiss x Sis

Another story is about a blended family and the weird interpersonal relationship it creates. Keita’s father remarries and then finds himself with a new mom and two little sisters.

The girls changed from loving cater to lust. They consistently try to tempt him into sleeping with Keita. he keeps resisting as he’s their big brother and wants to keep them pure.

Each episode has a different means of seduction or enjoyment. Truthfully admit smiling like a complete idiot at the end of each show, bluntly speaking. It’s borderline hentai the show knows how to take foreplay. For those who have yet to understand, give it a little more time, making it much more appealing to watch.

Each episode works to leave you on a cliffhanger leaves. You want to rub one out by having nothing to rub one. Out with its hilarious and filled with ecchi scenes in a harem backdrop. This anime is genuinely fantastic and guaranteed to give you a few good laughs.

15. Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

Scum's Wish - Adult Mature Anime
Scum’s Wish

This anime follows the story of two students Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya. They’re both in love with different people, and they can’t get and then settle for each other.

They set up a bunch of rules to protect their emotions from falling for each other. Our main characters play at love and explore their sexuality by kissing and caressing.

Yet they’re both pretending it with someone else to use each other. It explores their love through their sexuality, but Mugi doesn’t push it too far. He thinks it’s crucial to give Hanabi the first time to the person she truly loves.

The story’s not overly scripted, which makes it easier to identify with a more believable. The awkward and comfortable moments accompany all the memorable emotional moments through sex.

It’s a sure anime that’s very sweet in spite of its bitterness. If you ever felt unable to love when growing up, this will rip up those old scars with no mercy.

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16. Goblin Slayer – Best Mature Anime

Goblin Slayer - Mature Anime
Goblin Slayer

The story has a lot of implied sexual violence as goblins race which procreates from raping other species. Even in the first episode, we find a group that’s been attacked by the goblins in rape, only for the protagonists to come and stop them.

The story follows a masked hero who seeks to save villages and villagers from goblin attacks. He is a bit weird and isn’t after fame as there’s more game to hunt that’s more appealing, but he still sticks to goblins.

His work tends to be underappreciated, and he remains happy and humble with what he’s doing as he keeps saving people. He slowly assembles a goblin slaying squad.

This best mature anime series has caused a lot of contention with regards to what it shows that it may not be suitable for screening purposes. But if you like this story along the lines of Grimm. Which told that the Red Riding Hood dies, then this will be right up your alley.

17. Highschool of the Dead

High school of the Dead - Best Mature Anime
High school of the Dead

A world where zombies have once again overrun. Takashi is one of the survivors during the outbreak of the virus. He and his friends struggle to survive in this new post-apocalyptic world. He saves his teacher and a few classmates.

On the road to survival learns new tricks on how to stay alive in this era. At the same time, Highschool of the Dead is definitely an exciting and unique show which has been introduced to the anime genre. It’s not a show for everyone.

This mature anime tv show is over-the-top full of scantily clad women tons. An extravagant amount of blood and, most importantly, a lot of fanservice beneath in this anime.

The fanservice and edgy scenes of the stories are deep and highlight the ugly side of humanity. When crisis before them is truly an amazing story, and you should definitely check it out.

18. Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood - Mature Anime Tv Shows
Strike the Blood

Vampire stories are nothing new to the medium. But strike the blood is a show that combines supernatural elements with its ecchi themes and plot to deliver a more adult-oriented show.

Kojou Akatsuki is a high schooler with vampire powers. He can disrupt the balance of the three rulers of the world. A girl named Yukina Himeragi is sent to observe him. and before long, this duo becomes the center of many events that are about to happen.

As the show moves on with its seasons, Strike Blood abandons its supernatural elements. It tries to focus more on its essential elements. One of the show’s main focuses becomes Kojou befriending girls to add to his own harem. The cliche, of course, is worth your time.

19. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne - Good Mature Anime
Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne is an extreme anime that can go with the combination of sex and violence. The story revolves around Rin Asogi, an immortal female detective. Who solves supernatural crimes with the help of a mysterious person through the phone.

The story’s plot even adopts mythological elements about angels born out of the tree known as the drizzle. It eventually went mad with its power.

The adult mature anime series at one point even received heavy criticism for its grotesque and erotic visuals. It doesn’t shy away from violence or sexual abuse when it’s needed.

Critics have called this a show between a totally edgy anime for adults and a halfway decent dark erotica. So this isn’t definitely a show for the light-hearted.

20. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata - Mature Anime
The Qwaser of Stigmata

It is an anime where the magic system is powered by breast milk, and the user has to drink breast milk to enhance their power.

So it is the story of the Qwaser of Stigmata, a mature anime tv shows about two girls named Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe. They meet a peculiar Russian boy named Alexander Sasha Nikolaevich, who is a person known as Qwaser.

Qwaser battles their tormentors with unique weapons powered by female breast milk. It’s as weird and awkward as plots could get, and by now. You should get an idea of how much massive fan service the show has.

It’s definitely not your regular family drama but give it a go.


You’ve got the most adult-oriented top mature anime series of all time. Did you have enough fan service to suit your tastes? Each of these shows has their own adult themes or their ways of tackling it.

So even though they are in the same genre, they are unique in their own way.

Mentioned anime are you most looking forward too and why make sure you’ve got tissues around when you watch these? If you’ve already seen any of them, write your favorite.

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