Classroom For Heroes Anime Confirms Premiere With New Visual

Classroom For Heroes Anime

The official website for the adaptation of the Light anime novels by Shin Araki and illustrated by Haruyuki Morisawa Classroom For Heroes ( Eiyuu Kyoushitsu) is the first image of promotion of the project released.

The press release stated that the premiere will take place in 2023 Japan. They also revealed the cast and crew.

Shin Araki started publishing the light novels via Shueisha’s Dash X Bunko imprint in February 2015.

The manga adaptation of the work is an adaption written by Korea Kishida and published in Shueisha’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine. Square Enix has been the publisher of Square Enix since September 2016.

Summary Classroom For Heroes Anime

Classroom For Heroes Anime

In the past, long ago, the powerful Demon Lord was in charge of the town until a strong hero rose to fight him. Rosewood Academy, a school for young heroes. It was established to ward off future threats.

At present, Rosewood Academy admits only the very most outstanding Arnest Flaming is among the top of all. The school’s valedictorian and the beautiful girl known as “Flame Empress,” has an unpleasant encounter with a young, sexy student in the school’s hallway that seems to be in line with her abilities. Even though she’s not seen him before.

He refers to himself as Blade, and Arnest soon realizes that she’s not simply being admitted to this school to be a fresh student and that the King has specifically asked her to assist him in adjusting to the daily routine within Rosewood Academy.

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