Elden Ring Best Armour Set Location Guide

Elden Ring Best Armour

The best locations for Elden Ring armor can be found all over the map in a variety of different areas. There are some that are difficult to find, but there is also some equipment that can be picked up with little to no effort at all that is surprisingly powerful.

So long as you are aware of the appropriate places to search. We have compiled a list of the twelve Elden Ring armor sets that we believe to be the best, as well as the locations where you can acquire them. These sets range from those that are available right away to those that require some effort to obtain.

Your performance in Elden Ring will, of course, determine whether or not you get what you want. Different sets are constructed with different goals in mind, such as speed, protection, and so on.

It would be counterproductive to play a magic-focused, intelligence, and dexterity-focused build and then spend an inordinate amount of time trying to acquire some strength-focused armor.

However, regardless of what you choose to wear, it is strongly recommended that you invest some points in Endurance. Your ability to carry things is determined by this stat, and almost all of the armor you can find will require some additional lifting power in order to be worn without impairing your speed.

If you scroll down, you’ll find a map with the best Elden Ring armor locations marked on it, making buying Elden Ring runes easy for you to find them (just make sure you’ve been collecting all of the Elden Ring map fragments).

In addition to this, there is some additional information regarding what Elden Ring runes are and the reasons why you might want them. It is recommended that you look into Elden Ring runes for sale as soon as possible rather than later because there is a surprising amount of great content that can be obtained in a short amount of time. And to help you get a good loadout as quickly as possible, we have also compiled a list of the best early game weapons for the Elden Ring, which are also full of unexpectedly easy-to-obtain things.

Elden Ring Best Armour

Although some pieces of armor in Elden Ring have a chance of being dropped by certain foes at random, the majority of the best armor sets do not. Because of this, we have narrowed down the armors that will help players who are feeling a little bit exposed.

The locations that we have listed above and below are some of the most advantageous ones for finding armor, taking into account the requirements of a variety of player types.

We have instead marked the location of the boss that needs to be killed in order for you to be able to unlock these armor sets if you bought them back at the Roundtable Hold. Positions of the Elden Ring’s Armor

1. Do away with the armor of the knights

A fairly standard piece of armor that, despite its considerable bulk, manages to be among the best in the game. The Banished Knights are tall, tough knights that can occasionally be found roaming the later areas of Stormveil Castle (such as the room with the mimic veil), and they have a very slim chance of dropping any of the pieces. However, this chance is extremely low.

2. Radahn armor

As a result of its weight, the Radahn armor set is best suited for players who have demonstrated exceptional Endurance and Equip Load. However, you must be of sufficient level to be able to move while inside cheap Elden Ring runes in order to benefit from its excellent defenses.

You will also need to actually defeat Radahn at Redmane Castle first, which is not exactly a walk in the park (check out the guide in the boxout for assistance with this). Once Radahn has been defeated, however, you can purchase the set from Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

At the Roundtable Hold, you can speak with Enia about purchasing the helmet, arms, legs, and chest armor separately for runes if you already have the runes.

Given the weight of the complete set, purchasing the individual pieces one at a time to improve your defenses while simultaneously raising your Endurance stat in order to carry it all might not be a terrible idea.

3. Armor of the Raging Wolf

It not only has a cool appearance, but it also offers very good defense without being overly heavy. After completing two assassination contracts for Lady Tanith at Volcano Manor, you should go hunting in Lyndell with her goon Bernal.

Along the way, you will also obtain the Scaled Armor, which functions as a suitable replacement for Radahn’s armor and has a very cool appearance.

4. Armor of a knight

After defeating Godrick in Roundtable Hold, the Twin Husks will offer you this hefty but reliable mid-game armor to purchase from them.

However, when you first meet him, he is a challenging boss, and if you are having trouble beating him, we have written a guide on how to defeat Godrick in Elden Ring, which should make the situation a little more manageable.

Armor of a knight

5. The Crescent Crown of the Queen

This helmet, which is a part of the set owned by the Queen, imparts an intelligence bonus when worn. After figuring out how to get the Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Academy Glintstone Key and getting close enough to Rennala, you will be able to unlock this feature by defeating the boss. Assuming you have the Runes, you will be able to purchase the crown from Enia at the Roundtable Hold once she has been vanquished.

6. Armor of the vagabonds

Another option that weighs a lot but has a lot of staying power that can’t be obtained naturally until the middle to late game. It is required to begin the quest Vagabond, or it can be purchased from one of the Elden Ring merchants located in the central Mountaintops of the Giants, right next to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.

7. Scale armor

Protective and lightweight armor that is well suited for use in the early game. Sold by the merchant who is stationed next to the Site of Grace at the Castle Morne Rampart.

8. The Country of ReedsSamurai armor

A reasonable amount of protection despite its surprisingly low weight. It is either given to the Samurai at the beginning of the game or it can be purchased from the merchant in North Caelid, who is located next to the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace.

9. Helmet, Great

Despite the fact that cheap Elden Ring items are only a helmet, this offers an extremely high level of defense and should be pursued. Along with the Champion armor set, which is less impressive overall, this item can be purchased from a vendor in Southern Caelid.

10. Glintstone Crowns Made of Karolus and Olivinus Stone

If you are unable to obtain the Queen’s Crescent Crown, using one of these helmets will give you a boost to your intelligence at the expense of either your stamina or your health.

This makes them a very good option for Sorcerers. Both can be found in the Raya Lucaria Academy, and locating them both requires going off the beaten path:

  • (a) The settlement of Olivunus can be found to the south of the Grace Schoolhouse Classroom Site. Turn to the left and hit the bookshelf to open up a balcony that was previously hidden. You can find the crown on a dead body by descending to the left, following the path around, and climbing up the rocks.
  • (b) Karolus is located immediately after the Debate Parlour Site of Grace, which is where the boss fight against the Red Wolf of Radagon took place. Proceed outside, then navigate to the northwest corner of the courtyard, hugging the left path as Elden Ring Runes PC for sale winds along the edge of the cliff, and look for a glowing crab hiding in the bushes. Take it out if you want the Karolus Crown.

Which armor set is the most powerful in Elden Ring?

The Banished Knight and Radahn armor sets, which are located at the top of the list, are the best choices for us in terms of complete sets of armor. You should be careful about how much of either one you wear because they are both quite heavy and offer excellent protection.

However, due to the fact that they are so heavy, you may end up weighing yourself down if you wear too much of either one. If you place a high value on armor, it is generally advised that you put significant effort into increasing your Endurance.

Heavy Load is a status that is triggered when you wear excessive amounts of armor and equipment. This causes you to move and roll much more slowly and at the cost of more stamina, which is a negative effect that we do not recommend, regardless of how well protected you are.

To avoid experiencing the slow roll, make sure that the total weight of your equipment is less than 70 percent of your Equip Load.

As for the rest of it, the best armor in Elden Ring is going to change depending not only on what kind of character build you’re going for but also on what kind of foe you’re going to be facing off against. The degree to which you are protected is not determined solely by a single protective stat; rather, it is determined by the nature of the attack that is made against you.

Certain types of armor are more effective at fending off magical assaults, while others are more beneficial against physical blows. Keep this in mind when thinking about boss fights and the enemies you’ll be facing, as well as your own capabilities and limitations, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates.

Is it possible to improve your armor at the Blacksmith?

It is not possible to improve or upgrade armor in Elden Ring. The only exception is that certain garments can be modified at Sites of Grace, which has the effect of subtly changing the statistics of certain sets but does not necessarily improve them.

Typically, this has the effect of removing certain components of the armor to reduce its weight, such as capes, but it also reduces the armor’s overall protection. It does not matter how many Elden Ring Smithing Stones you offer Hewg or any of the other blacksmiths; they will not upgrade your armor. Instead, is up to you to find a better set of armor on your own.

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