Futsal Boys Anime Confirmed Release Date

Futsal Boys Anime

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official site revealed the 2nd key design of the animated Futsal Boys !!!!! . Additionally, the website said that the show will air on January 9th on the Tokyo MX channel, and later on January 11th, on BS11 as well as MBS channels.

The story unfolds in the world that was a decade or more after futsal’s popularity exploded across the globe. The pro-Tagonist Haru Yamato is a fan of Haru Yamato watching the U18 World Cup and is attracted by the Japanese player known as Tokinari Tenouji.

He is a part of the Koyo Academy High School futsal team in hopes to become a player similar to Tenouji. He meets his friends there and, together, they take on their adversaries.

Finally, Futsal Boys !!!!! features the anime and a phone game that features actual futsal matches played by players who voice act, and the outcomes of the matches impact the plot of the show and the game.

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