Management of Novice Alchemist Anime Shows First Trailer

Management of Novice Alchemist

The official Management of Novice Alchemist television anime website has revealed the premiere promotional clip. Additionally, the team has also announced the principal, Seiyuu, who will be appearing in the show.

Management of Novice Alchemist is a novel written by Mizuho Itsuki. The first time the series was released, it was online by Shosetsuka Ni Naro in November 2018. Then, it was purchased by Fujimi Shobo and then renamed Fuumi to be the artist. The series has released five volumes since September.

In the meantime, Kiroro is working on the manga adaptation, which was published in Comic Valkyrie magazine in December of 2020.

Management of Novice Alchemist Anime Trailer

Based on the information we have gathered, it appears that the fantasy series will be released in October 2022. The staff, however, is keeping the other information regarding the show a secret.

The production team revealed includes Hiroshi Ikehata, the director, and Shigeru Muakoshi, who is in charge of the series’ scripts. Then Yosuke Ito created the characters and served as the chief animator.

Harumi Fuuki composed the soundtrack, and Nippon Columbia produced the music, as did Studio ENGI.

Summary Management of Novice Alchemist Anime

It tells the story of Sarasa, the orphaned girl who has recently graduated from the Royal Alchemist Training School. After receiving an isolating shop as a present from his instructor, he begins living the life he always envisioned as an alchemist. But, what was in store for him was a far worse shop than he ever thought of.

In contrast, he gathers supplies and trains himself and makes products to become an enviable alchemist. He strives to lead a slow and easy alchemist lifestyle.

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