Netflix Reveal Attack on Titan’s Tetsuro Araki Movie

Attack on Titan's Tetsuro Araki bubble Anime

Netflix revealed a brand new original anime film by Studio Wit Noble Bubble On Tuesday. The film will premiere globally on Netflix on April 28 next year and will be available on April 28 next year. Japanese cinemas from May 13.

Tetsuro Araki ( Attack on Titan, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ) is the director of the film. Estudio Wit A script by Gen Urobuchi ( Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate / Zero novel, Psycho-Pass ) and characters designed by Takeshi. Obata ( Death Notice, Platinum finish ). Hiroyuki Sawano ( Attack on Titan, 86 ) composes the music.

The actors in the film include Jun Shison , Mamoru Miyano , Yuuki Kaji , and Tasuku Hatanaka .

The story is set in Tokyo following the explosion of bubbles that overcame gravity’s laws dropped down upon the planet.

The city is cut off from the external the outside world. Tokyo can be seen as a place for a group of youngsters who lost their families. They use the city as a venue for team-based parkour competitions when they jump between buildings.

Hibiki is a promising young player recognized for his risky way of playing is caught in a reckless act one day and plunges into the abyss of gravity. The life of Hibiki will be saved through Uta, who is a girl with strange abilities. The couple hears a unison sound that is unique to them.

What made Uta show up before Hibiki? Their meeting will lead to an amazing revelation that will change the world.

In the year 2018, Netflix announced an exclusive business partnership with Production IG and BONES on Wednesday. The alliance comprises IG Production and its sister studio for anime and its sister studio in its group, the IG Port group, Wit Studio.

Wit Studio, the company, also produces the anime’s original version. Vampire in the Garden The show will premiere on Netflix 2022 in 2022.

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