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Shoot! Goal to the Future

The new series from Shoot! is scheduled to be released to mark the 2022’s World Cup. The title is Shoot! Aim to the Future.

The anime will debut by July of 2022. A new promotional video is out, which shows that in the latest promotional video, the first song, titled Aoreido, is also performed by Airi Miyakawa. Watch the promo video below:

Anime Shoot! Goal to the Future is an anime with an original story not found in the books. In Shoot! Goal to the Future tells the story of Atsushi Kamiya, the previous captain of the Kakegawa High School team and is now a successful player in Italy.

In the comic book version, Kamiya is said to relocate to Italy to play with Serie A under the direction of Marcello Lippi. When you watch the Shoot Goal to the Future anime, the protagonist is introduced to Hideto Tsuji, a new generation of Kakegawa High who is not at all interested in the football team of Kakegawa High, a team that is declining.

It’s unclear if it is true that the Shoot Goal to the Future anime has a direct link to the plot of the comics or will differ from the original anime.

Shoot! is a comic for youth soccer composed by Tsukasa Oshima. The comic was published in Japan initially in 1990. The comic is the story of three young footballers, Toshi, Kenji, and Kazuhiro, from the Kakegawa High School team who played in the tough soccer match among Japanese high schools with all the struggles and highs.

The comic’s success has resulted in an anime that spans the 58 episodes, an animated short film, and an action live-action film that stars SMAP personnel. The title was Aoki Densetsu Shoot.

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