Solo Leveling Anime Officially Confirmed With First Trailer

Solo Leveling Anime

The first teaser trailer for Solo Leveling animated adaptation of the manga has been released.

It appears that Solo Leveling is now ready to change shape after smashing sales records with its manga and manhwa. The action-oriented fantasy is coming to the screen. An anime adaptation of Solo Leveling has been officially revealed. It appears like fans are as pleased as they can be.

Crunchyroll announced that its wildly popular web-based novel and webtoon series would soon be receiving an animated adaptation. The new show is developed through A-1 Productions, the animation studio behind Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and the Seven Deadly Sins.

The music to be composed for this new show will come from the legendary Hiroyuki Sawano. He previously wrote the music for Attack on Titan and Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn. Crunchyroll is co-producing the show, which is expected to debut in 2023.

Solo Leveling Anime

Suppose you’re unaware that the comic first appeared in South Korea under creator Chugong. Kakao released the web-based comic under the name Only I Level Up, in which he gained a lot of people who read online.

Yen Press oversees the publication of the comic in English. Presently, a drama being developed in Korea about manhwa, as well as video games are also being developed. Now an anime has been added to the list.

The first trailer of Solo Leveling is here:

Known as the weakest hunter out there, E-rank hunter Jinwoo’s role in the raids is to avoid being killed. The problem is between her mother’s medical bills and tuition for her sister and her lack of employment prospects.

She’s got the option of taking risks, and therefore when the chance for more money comes along. She takes the case only to meet with a person whose power exceeds anything he’s witnessed! A leader who has lost an arm and the sole healer left in a mess, Can Jin-Woo figure out an escape route for them?

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