The Night Beyond the Window Anime Key Visual Released

The Night Beyond the Window Anime

The key visual and the PV of the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window”, which will air on Tokyo MX from October, will be revealed. Frederick will handle the OP theme, and some songs will also make public.

Along with the PV, the ban was lifted. The TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” is based upon the same title’s comic. It has had a cumulative circulation exceeding 2 million copies. It is based on Tomoko Yamashita.

This is a horror mystery where a bookstore clerk can see the spirit and an old ghost teacher. Make a psychic detective friend and work together to solve the mystery of curses and ghosts.

The Night Beyond the Window Anime

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TV animation will begin broadcasting on Tokyo MX and Sun TV from October 2021. Nobunaga Shimazaki, who will play the leading role. Kosuke Triangle, and Wataru Hatano, who will play Wataru Hatano. The ghost teacher has already announced. It has been seen 10,000 times and attracted much attention.

Yoshitaka Yasuda is the director and character designer for this key visual. Eri Nomura is a high school student who is a “course shop”. She is an escort fortune-teller and dressed in an orange jacket. The focus is on Kosuke Triad, who can see spirit, and Rito Hiekawa, teaching ghosts.

Yes, six main characters, including Kazuomi Sakagi, the detective Hiji Hanzawa and Rito Hiekawa, were drawn. The shadow of the hand that covers Triangle and Hiekawa creates an atmosphere of mystery. Get out.

The PV was also released simultaneously. It is a dramatization of a story. Where, in addition to Triangle and Coldgawa, who attracted to the “encounter with fate”. Their human relationships and thought intermingled. And they began to discover the truth about “fate”.

Preview: “The Sankaku’s outside is the night.”

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This content offers a glimpse into sex. The back view of a man smiling eerily in a white shirt is also released.

Frederick’s “Psycho” song has been chosen as the opening theme. You can hear some of the chorus phrases in the PV. I want to listen to the songs that make you feel relaxed and receptive to the sentimental sound. Koji Mihara, who is also a member of the group, has left comments.

I was attracted to the delicately designed mental landscape of the characters. Because I am an artist who creates invisible sounds, I was more aware of my inner feelings when writing the song.

People with different talents and abilities must work together, even though they may have other ideas. This “Psyche” story will make you feel the connection between people.

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