The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 will be released on April 6

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime

The official website and social media profiles for the adaptation of the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero were updated with the debut for the second season.

The anime’s second season will premiere on Japanese television on April 6. Japanese time and on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV at 10:05 p.m. (corresponding to 12:30 p.m. at 05h the following day) and other channels. Outside of Japan, the second season is available via Crunchyroll as the first series aired.

Yusagi Aneko writes, and Seira Minami illustrates the amazing light novel that is a genre Tate No Yuusha the Nariagari from 2012. Kadokawa Publishing publishes this work under the MF Bunko label, of which 22 volumes have been published in Japan.

There is also a manga adaptation by Kyu Aiya, serialized in 2014. It is published in the Media Factory’s Comic Flapper magazine, and of which there have been 21 volumes of compilations.

Besides the animated version from The Rising of the Shield Hero, The manga adaptation of the light novel series by Aneko Yusagi has arrived in Spain.

Editorial Ivrea has been publishing the Kyu Aiya manga since January 2020, with the initial 18 volumes of the compilation work being edited and then translated to Spanish.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime

Watani Naofumi can be described as the typical Otaku until he stumbles upon a book in the library that takes him to a different world.

In that world, he becomes the hero of the shield, one of the Four Cardinal Heroes, and must fight the Waves of Catastrophe alongside the heroes of the spear, the sword, and the bow.

In awe of the possibility of an exciting adventure, Naofumi embarks on an adventure with his friends. After a few days, they take advantage of Naofumi, and he is robbed of his money, dignity, and the respect of the people around him.

Unable to believe in anyone else, he hires the services of an enslaved person known as Raphtalia and fights for his cause to fight the Waves and the entire world.

But can he truly come up with a solution to his plight? The curtain is raised for the set of a fantasy story that follows one man who has to get back up after having lost everything.

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