The 10 Surprising Types Of Anime Fans

Types Of Anime Fans

Since anime has become a popular media, its fan base also grows gradually as time progresses. In contrast, some people classify types of anime fans as simply Otaku or Weaboos. In reality, there are different types of anime fans.

There are many different ways to approach anime with a different mindset. Today, I’ll be listing the 10 different types of anime fans I have come across over the years as an anime lover myself. I hope that through this article, you’ll find out what type of anime fan you are.

So relax and enjoy while reading this hilarious article.

1. The Beginner

The Beginner Types Of Anime Fans
The Beginner Anime Fans

Ah, the Beginner We have known or encountered one who fits in this category. They are those who have only just begun watching anime and would like to learn more about the world of anime. But frequently make mistakes with trivial information.

They are enthralled by shows like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, or Demon Slayer, only to find themselves craving new anime. The viewers are pure and innocent, but they cannot make their own decisions about a show.

In the end, one tends to follow the opinions and views of other people. If they debate anime, you can believe that a well-known YouTuber already endorsed their thoughts.

Well, that person is an absolute beginner, so there’s no reason to feel bad there. Unfortunately, this stage won’t last very long because anime is typically consumed at a baffling level, a novice.

Favorite Anime: Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online

2. The Normie

The Normie Types Of Anime Fans
The Normie Anime Fans

The Normie are the people who claim to be themselves anime fans despite watching only 5 or more anime shows. Perhaps they watched Naruto or Dragon Ball as a kid. Then suddenly, they can think of themselves as experts in anime from nowhere.

There is a good chance that you have encountered this kind of anime fan at some point. At social events, in the mall, and even out in the open. They certainly aren’t the most introverted of people.

After a brief conversation, you will quickly realize that, as an experienced anime fan. These Normies will try to eat the brain cells of their victims. They will spout off nonsensical facts about anime with incredible conviction. You cannot keep up with them, no matter what.

But how can you tell when you’ve spotted a normie? It’s easy to tell. They often watch dub-oriented anime, but only mainstream anime and are only aware of Bleach for its Netflix Adaptation. It’s obvious where this is heading.

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Pokemon

3. The Ultimate Sage

The Ultimate Sage Types Of Anime Fans
The Ultimate Sage Anime Fans

Contrary to Normie, The Ultimate Sage are anime fans with a high level of knowledge about anime. It was like they had been watching anime their entire life.

The Ultimate Sage is awe-inspiring in anime knowledge and is always finding new information. If they weren’t watching anime, they’re likely to be reading light novels or manga. In other words, they’re probably playing a visual novel or JRPG that isn’t known to others.

In the case of Ultimate Sage, having an anime collection of just 400 anime was just the beginning. If you’re bored or are a beginner within the anime community, go to them for recommendations on anime. You will get what you need, I guarantee it!

Favorite Anime: Clannad, Code Geass, Steins Gate

4. The Weeaboo

The Weeaboo Types Of Anime Fans
The Weeaboo Anime Fans

Weeaboo are anime fans who are enthralled by Japanese culture because of the effect of watching too much anime. Their dream is to go to Japan, particularly Akihabara, and buy amazing merchandise.

You’ve probably heard about the anime-loving fans. They learn Japanese on a Rosetta stone for a week. Then use their broken Japanese attempt to use it and use it in a usual way.

Why should you study Japanese, you may ask? The reason is that they can enjoy anime without subtitles. It’s an important goal for those wanting to reside in Japan completely.

Favorite Anime: InoBato, Chuunibyou

5. The Shounen Enthusiast

The Shounen Enthusiast Types Of Anime Fans
The Shounen Enthusiast Anime Fans

The Shounen Enthusiast exactly as the title states. This type of anime fan is not afraid to miss out. Despite the opinions of others, they seem to take their time watching the most extended Shounen series.

Mainly, they seem like fast-paced fight scenes, power-ups generated by friendships, and the rapid growth of the principal characters.

In the end, The Shounen Enthusiasts are more casual and carefree members of this community of anime. They are less enthused about anime than other people and would ignore the drama among fans.

It’s a simple truth that they are in love with Shounen, and nothing will ever alter this!

Favorite Anime: One Piece, Fairy Tale, Hunter x Hunter

6. The Merchs Collector / Cosplayer

The The Merchs Collector Types Of Anime Fans
The Merchs Collector Anime Fans

As the name implies, The Merchs Collector is a fan of collecting anime-related merchandising. They are active cosplayers and are often seen at Anime Convention spending a fortune on collectibles and figures.

These guys are incredibly well-knowledgeable about the franchise themselves. Some might even claim they have mastered their area of expertise. They are amazed by how they hang anime posters, and their shelves hold an unending number of anime characters.

Furthermore, this group of anime fans are not restricted to a single merchandising item. Some might love figures, while others love collecting Katana. It’s safest to say their preferences are different.

Finding this type of anime fan is actually not that difficult in any way. If they don’t have a sacred space, if you find an entire shelf of anime-related items, you have discovered you are Merch Collector.

Favorite Anime: Fate Series, Love Live, Gundam

7. The Closet Weeb

The Closet Weeb Types Of Anime Fans
The Closet Weeb Anime Fans

As the name suggests, this kind of fan is very private about their hobby. You would not think of them as those who watch or are obsessive about anime, but they are by no means.

They regularly live their lives, and at times, seem cool. However, when no one is at home, they’ll start watching anime like there was no tomorrow. Maybe, they’ll try to complete the latest Attack on Titan manga chapter or finish the Visual Novel game, you know, the usual anime things.

If they are caught, they’ll accuse it of a complex system flaw that launched Crunchyroll from the bushes. Mysterious right?

It seems that modern technology is the main culprit. And as everyone else in Closet Weebs will be saying, “I-It’s not like… I’m a fan of anime or whatever! !”

Favorite Anime: One Punch Man, No Game No Life, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

8. The Industry Standard

The Industry Types Of Anime Fans
The Industry Standard Anime Fans

The Industry Standard are also known as anime producers who wannabe. They watch anime as a way to learn about their production. In the end, this type of fan watches anime for merely one reason: to get into the anime industry.

These are the kinds of people who would like to work in anime.

  • Animators
  • Seiyuus
  • Illustrators
  • Mangaka

In addition to the incredible plots that anime offers. These fans are adept at analyzing anime like an expert, from various camera angles to the techniques used in animation. They will never fail to impress you with their extensive understanding.

Favorite Anime: Shirobako, Bakuman, Eizouken

9. The Content Creators

The Content Creators Types Of Anime Fans
The Content Creators Anime Fans

The Content Creators make use of their creativity and talents to create material related to anime. They use anime as a means to provide engaging content to others in the hopes of providing entertainment, mentoring, and more.

The kinds of fans are:

  • Youtubers
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Authors

Whatever thoughts come to mind regarding the creation process, you should definitely think of these people. The form of the content does not matter as long as it’s connected to the sense that it is related to anime in some way.

In the end, they are the ones who shape the community of anime, for good or bad. In a sense, they’re influential in the world of anime. Most often than not, fans will take after these content creators’ opinions about a specific subject.

Favorite Anime: Bakemonogatari, 3-Gatsu no Lion, Konosuba

10. The Elitist

The Elitist Anime Types Of Anime Fans
The Elitist Anime Fans

The final type of fan I’d like to highlight includes The Elitist. They usually see them as being more discerning than the rest of us and usually ignore those who do not agree with them.

The majority of times, The Elitists have a tendency to be intolerant within the anime community and shun those who hold an opposing view from them. One wrong move and they will start throwing insults and belittling your narrow and s*** taste for anime.

Are you looking to learn how to recognize the signs of an Elitist? Here are the most reliable indicators:

  • They discourage new anime fans by belittling their naive knowledge
  • Think of themselves as having superior taste to everyone else
  • Show no hesitation to attack those who held different views.

Most often, these are the type of anime fans with whom you should not be in contact. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social media sites like Reddit or even in person.


The list is complete of 10 types of anime fans that I have come across over the years of my otaku adventure. Hopefully, you could identify yourself as one of these types of anime fans and appreciate the variety of the fanbase for anime.

Actually, I think that people view anime; differently. That is why the anime fandom is such a fascinating and diverse location. While it is not without its number of issues due to the increasing appeal of anime across the west. The anime group will undoubtedly support each other and evolve to improve the quality of life.

If you have any queries or think that I have left out a specific type of anime fan. Let me know in the comments section below! In other words, I enjoy watching anime with my fellow anime fans,

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