What Makes Inuyasha Still Stand Out From Other Isekai Anime?

Inuyasha Anime

The Isekai style has been in existence for a long time. The huge “explosion” of anime options featuring this kind of plot grew after the massively-popular Sword Art Online.

Due to its popularity in the market. It has become the popular Isekai genre and has become popular with anime fans in recent years. And new stories about protagonists who are transported to another universe are released on a constant basis.

Inuyasha may not be as well-known as the other anime that followed Sword Art Online’s success. Sword Art Online, however, has managed to endure the test of time and maintain faithful fans for more than two decades.

Know a little about how Rumiko Takahashi is famous for her Isekai and how she remained on top throughout the years.

Inuyasha’s Characters Are The Primary Element Of The Story


Inuyasha, the protagonists, are diverse and complex and remain appreciated by a large number. The new fans must be aware that the author Rumiko Takahashi is known for repeating the same. Often repeated plots in her works, such as romantic triangles and perverted protagonists, and other clichés that never get old.

Even though they reuse patterns and clichés. However, these characters designed through Takahashi continue to delight his viewers and entertain fans who are old and new.

For instance, Sango is a unique character that starts as an antagonist to Inuyasha and Kagome. Then joins forces with the main antagonist in the series, Naraku, until he abandons her. Sango might not be the same as Kagome.

However, she’s got an excellent storyline and, deservedly, has gained a unique space in the hearts of many people who love the series.

Additionally, Inuyasha’s principal allies, like Miroku and Shippo, create many plots that are important and parallel and depicted with great humor.

Another fantastic persona Another great character is Inuyasha. His brother, Sesshomaru, who, despite his dislike for the main character, is introduced to the story to create another classic cliche from the Isekai anime.

He’s almost a villain, but he ends up captivating due to his development throughout history.

The Differences Between Inuyasha With Other Isekai Animes

Top 10 Transferred to Another World Anime

The majority of 2010s Isekai titles, like Sword Art Online and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, are focused on the main character (usually male), who is transported to a different world. In contrast to these contemporary games.

Inuyasha has an old-fashioned feel and style with a focus on a young girl who is taken to a different time instead of a game-like that is a reality-based game similar to SAO.

Despite the rising popularity of the most recent Isekai animation. Inuyasha maintains an active and loyal fan base that is full of fans who create videos, fanfics, and fan art on a regular basis.

A simple search for Inuyasha on any social media platform will yield enough videos as well as other types of content that are instantly accessible. While it’s not easy to identify the most watched Isekai anime, Inuyasha is definitely among the most popular and memorable.

Despite these classic characters and some clichés, the anime remains different from others of the same style. As it focuses more on an ancient time with an intriguing story, far from the virtual world or the RPG worlds of almost all Isekai anime.

Inuyasha has some significant distinct differences from more modern Isekai anime. However, its characters and plots retain fans. Rumiko Takahashi’s stories remain in the minds of most people and continue to draw fans across the globe.

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