Ryman’s Club Anime Gets Official Release Date

Ryman's Club Anime

The Ryman’s Club anime video reveals an opening song with more cast and the January 22nd debut. The official website for Asahi TV and badminton sports anime-laden movies Ryman’s Club has unveiled a new visual.

The first full promotional video for the anime is on Thursday. The video reveals and previews the anime’s opening theme song, the warrior by nova bright. Also unveils more cast and the January 22nd premiere date for the anime.

If you don’t know what the story is about, this summary focuses on a badminton player on a corporate team with characters who work at a day job in a company also, playing badminton.

The story centers on Mikoto territory, a childhood prodigy at badminton but never recovered from a significant loss during a high school competition. Now he works in the sales department of the solar drink company playing badminton.

This anime has a lot of attention which is fantastic. It must mean many people are looking forward to this ammo and can’t wait for new news for this.

Looking at the trailer, it’s a minute and 40 seconds long beginning, you see like the main character or one of the main characters with the green hair. I would say blue hair playing badminton.

Fortunately, there are no English subtitles. So I don’t know what they’re saying. But he’s like one of the teachers talked to him probably back when he was in high school looks like he got depressed. Seems like he has a new job.

Everyone’s very friendly to him and welcoming. I guess that significant loss in high school comes back to him and haunts him when he plays, probably distracting him sometimes. But he was apologetic, so he was probably really good in high school.

He’s got one doubtful loss which perhaps ruined it for him. You see him hanging out with one of his co-workers, drinking and having fun, then playing the game going out to eat. I guess he meets his high school partner.

After high school, when I got to play with each other, I saw his high school partner come back. It looks pretty good looks pretty intense. I wonder why now there’s such a big hype over this. But yeah, this will come on January 2nd, which is legit less than a month away.

Let me know in the comment if you guys will watch this. This could definitely be something I would watch, especially since the animation looks very nice.

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