Shadows House Season 2 Anime Revealed New Trailer

Shadows House Anime

The official website for the Shadows House season 2 television anime unveiled a new trailer. The trailer also suggests new characters who will be featured in the second season.

Shadow House is a Supernatural manga created by Somato and the duo. This comic has been published in the Weekly Young Jump journal in September 2018. Additionally, the very first season premiered in April 2021 today.

Shadows House Season 2 Anime Trailer

Based on the information we have gathered The plan for this supernatural show will premiere at the end of July 2022. Unfortunately, the staff has kept some additional details secret about this particular anime.

Somato, the creator duo, has announced that in the initial season, there will only be one course in the anime. Somato’s creators also said their new series meant that they were required to oversee the script again, while also serializing the manga. However, they have promised to try their best.

Shadow House Anime Summary

The story follows Emilyko the little girl who works as a housekeeper in a mysterious mansion. It turns out that Emilyko isn’t actually a human being, but rather it is a doll who can communicate and move like humans.

The owner and the owner of the Mansion are mystery creature that does not have a face. The series will focus on Emilyko’s day-to-day life, cleaning up the filth that is never wiped away by her employer.

Shadows House tells the tale of an opulent family that does not have an identity and is living in a house that is Western-style.

They live in a house with puppet guards who serve to serve as the faces of their families. Then, the everyday life of the inhabitants of the house is gradually exposed.

That’s the information about the supernatural anime Shadows House season 2. Now, after seeing the promo video, what do you think about it?

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