Temple Manga Will Have An Anime This Year

Temple Anime

Temple manga or Kimitake Yoshioka’s TenPuru -No One Can Live on Loneliness will be adapted into an anime as a television collection this year, 2023. The collection’s first trailer and promotional photo were posted on the internet and the anime’s Twitter account.

The video will-known shows each team of workers and the primary voice cast of this project lively via the Gekkō studio.

Kazuomi Koga, director of anime like Kubo-san wa Mob or Yurusanai and Rent-A-Girlfriend, is directing this Temple anime. While Masato Katsumata is in charge of adapting Kimitake Yoshioka’s character designs to anime. The script is written and composed by Yōhei Kashii.

Temple Anime Trailer

Temple is a unique manga through Kimitake Yoshioka and a Grand Blue cartoonist. It is a romantic comedy posted in September 2018 on the pages of Kodansha’s Comic Days mag. The work stays open nowadays with seven compilation volumes.

The eighth volume will go on sale in Japan on January 23. With this quantity, the series already accumulated 1.2 million copies allotted.

Akemitsu Akegami was always informed by his father that “no person can stay alone,” but he decided. After all, his father failed to mean it with the best intentions, and Akemitsu has no choice but to emerge as that jerk. But a risky encounter with a young female leaves him with too impure thoughts.

He decides to do what he should: become a Buddhist monk and resign from worldly customs. But the temple he decides to commit himself to… Is it full of women 호치민 네일? And that same younger woman is likewise there? What can a man do? A new romantic comedy from Kimitake Yoshioka, illustrator of the hit college comedy Grand Blue Dreaming.

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