The Fruit of Evolution Anime Season 2 Trailer

The Fruit of Evolution Anime

The Shinka no Mi season 2 anime has revealed the teaser trailer. The anime also has announced a new cast and staff members that will be featured in the show.

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi Ni Kachigumi Jinsei is a Japanese novel written by Miku. The novel first came out through Shosetsuka Ni Naro in January 2014, but then Futabasha purchased U35 and created U35 as an Illustrator. The novel has published the novel in September of 2014.

Sorano is the manga creator who created the manga. The book was released via Comic Action magazine on the web. Comic Action magazine in September 2017.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Anime Trailer

Based on our sources, it is planned for the fantasy series to begin airing in January 2023. The trailer continues to reveal that Miyuki Sawashiro will be the voice of the character Destra.

According to the information provided by Ann of Networks, the new anime team, Yoshiaki Okumura, has been appointed the director of the main character Yoshiaki Okumura is the new director, along with Shige Fukase being Shige Fukase as the director in new.

In turn, Iroha Mitsuki and Nobuhide Hayashi were appointed as the new character designers as well Yuuki Saitou was appointed as the new music composer.

Summary The Fruit of Evolution Anime

The Fruit Of Evolution Season 2 tells the story of Seiichi Hiiragi, an unclean disgusting, smelly, and ugly man. The insults are hurled at him one after the other over his appearance.

Seiichi’s slumbering school life. One day, a voice claimed that man was God and commanded everyone to prepare for the possibility of being transported to another world.

The entire school is transported to a fantasy world with elements like games, stats, and talents. But, God still had to complete the preparations for the transfer and would dispatch them once the ritual of summoning heroes was completed.

Students from all classes formed groups to patiently wait to be transferred. However, only Seiichi was excommunicated, so he was relocated to a new area.


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