World Trigger Season 3 Key Visual Release

World-Trigger Season 3

The key visuals of the third season of TV anime “World Trigger“, which will air on TV Asahi on October 9, have been released. Yuma Kusaka, Osamu Mikumo, Chika Ametori, Hughes.The brave new “Tamakoma No. 2″ characters shown. 2” depict the heroic figures of the new “Tamakoma No. It’s over.

This key visual released along with the October issue “Jump SQ”. On September 3, It captures the bravery of Tamakoma No.

Furthermore, it gives the impression of the “hottest fight” on the stage at “World Trigger 3rd Season”, featuring Osamu Mikumo and Yuma Kusaka.

World Trigger Anime Season 3 Key Visual Release

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A stunning cast will also host the second YouTube live stream on September 8. The ban on three major special information items will be lifted the day before the event.

This includes the new characters Yuri Hayashifuji and two cast members who play Michael Kronin. Also, you can find the most recent anime-related information.

Yuma Sora is a visitor from “Nearby”. While Osamu Mizumoto, a member of the border defense organization called “Border”, opposes the invasion. “World Trigger” made up of Yuma Sora and Osamu Mirumo.

Sci-fi action depicting growth through an encounter with strange things, battles. In February 2013, the original manga published in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, and then transferred to “Jump SQ”. December 2018 December 2018.

World Trigger Season 3 Trailer

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World Trigger was a story about an invasion by “Neighbors”. A small group of alien-technology-using creatures that invade the Earth. Osamu Mikumo, the protagonist, is not the most skilled agent, but he does his best to protect Earth.

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