Chainsaw Man Anime Confirmed In 2022

Chainsaw Man Anime

In 2022, the official announcement said that the manga series of Chainsaw Man is going to be getting its anime series and recently in jump festa 2022.

They did release a brand new trailer and announce that the TV will be broadcast in the year 2022. But they still have yet to tell us exactly what month it will be premiering.

What we do know right now is the fact that the second part of the manga that is serialized in shonen jump will be released in early summer 2022. So maybe we could expect the release date to be some time after that date.

All we know for now is that it will be released in 2022. The manga series is still ongoing, of course. It has a total of 11 volumes as of March 4th of 2021. Right now, we do know that the studio that will be animating this series will be the famous studio Mappa.

For those of you who might not be too familiar with what the story is about. Basically, the story revolves around a poor young man under a mountain of debt and owns a pet devil dog. But then, one day, his life gets turned upside down when he is betrayed by somebody he trusts.

Then becomes a whole new man when he does have the power of the devil inside of him. You could easily see what this looks like in the brand-new trailer that they have released.

I must say that the new trailer was absolutely exciting even though it didn’t have any dialogue. But for those of you who are interested in manga, it is available in English.

So you definitely could read if you want. It turns out that manga was very popular in Japan. It had sold over 3 million copies, but as of December of 2021, the manga has actually now surpassed 12 million copies.

So it’s no surprise that this manga was eventually going to be getting its own anime series. We can only hope that the anime itself will live up to the expectations of the manga.

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